What I’ve been playing Gwent and BDO

GWENT®: The Witcher Card Game

Been awhile since I’ve updated – we’ve been pretty busy, here’s what we’ve been playing.

Black Desert Online –

I have been playing BDO every day. My gear still stinks, but I am enjoying myself and having fun with the guild I’m in and that is what matters.  I am enjoying Life skills, but I don’t have hundreds of millions of silver.

Here are some big things that have changed –

New content – the world has been expanded. I personally hate the desert, but it is there.

New bosses. A couple of new ones, more gear, different gear.

Some content is easier and they really want new people to try the game giving them plenty of incentives to join the fun. So if you’re still on the fence… now might be a great time to start.

What I think will come… eventually.

I think by Christmas we’ll have essentially the same shop that Korea has. So would I think that is pay to win? You can have tons of silver and all of the best gear, but if you don’t have the skills (which takes time) to use your abilities then silver is pretty worthless.

There will be a server merge I think – creating characters on other servers is pretty important. They can access all of the awards that your main character on your main server can.

I will keep playing it until it isn’t fun.

Gwent the card game – I am probably one of the only people in the world that hasn’t played Witcher. I guess it is mostly because I love MMO’s. Gwent the card game within Witcher will be coming out soon. I saw some posts about it and did some research. This past week I was involved in the ‘stress’ test for the game. It was a short four-hour test window. It took me an hour or so to get it to work – I was trying to play something else in the background – but then play was smooth. Even though at the beginning I had no real clue about what I was doing, by the end of the four hours I was addicted and really sad that it was over.

Even for beginners the game was super fun, the card mechanics were interesting and the games were pretty quick, but not too quick. The last hour or so I won three games I think, much better than the first two hours I played when I lost almost every game.

The beta will be coming in October (I think), I highly recommend the game, you can sign up for it here. https://www.playgwent.com/en