Game News – SWTOR goes free to play, GW2 announces start time and more.

The biggest news this week is from SWTOR – Star Wars The Old Republic is going free to play. Some of the details can be found here – They’ve laid off a ton of folks over the past weeks and month so not sure exactly how they’re planning on coming out with those “frequent” updates.

Apparently there will be a new form of currency called Cartel Coins. Some FAQ = And compare the Free and Paid versions.

Free players will have limited or no access to warzones, flashpoints, space missions, Operations(None), travel features, game long in. Extremely limited acces to the GTN. One thing on that list that has me a bit puzzled is the travel features. So are they going to put you on a slow boat, or will you have no acess to some areas within the game. I also like how they put this caveat – *Subscription and Free-to-Play features are subject to change.

End of Nations –

Will be having a beta this weekend – Join us for Beta Event 2 on Friday, Aug. 3 through Sunday, Aug. 5. I may have to join them to just see how things have evolved.

The Secret World – had a big content update.

Guild wars 2 has put a counter on their site. The countdown isn’t correct because it uses the individuals computer clock.

From a tweet – Guild Wars 2 ‏@GuildWars2

Those of you looking forward to headstart, it will begin on August 25 at 00:00 PACIFIC Time. ~RB2 #GW2

Excellent news!! I definitely think we need some more testing before the launch, just to test out the WvW changes and this –
A post from the devs saying they have tweaked the difficulty level (back up a bit) to BWE -2 .

Pretty please…

Enjoy your day

Party Info – Battle of Immortals

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Before we start to talk about some of the instances, I figured it would be good to talk some about parties first. Battle of Immortals is definitely not a single player game, so it is very important to know about parties. Click on the party tab at the bottom of your screen (it is the crossed swords) or just use the shortcut p.

The first screen you will be shown is players that around you, whether they are in a party or not, and what level they are. Clicking the info tab will show players in your current party. Clicking on Applicants will show people applying for your party. You can create a party by clicking on the red Create Party button. If you’re looking for a party you can click on the Party Center button. You can then pick two types of parties that you want to join and click release info.

Couple of notes on parties.

1. More is better – the more people in the party, the more experience you will get.

2. Become friends with all the people within your party and you’ll get a nice bonus.

3. Make a special note of people that do well within the party, you’ll want to invite them again to a party.

Enjoy your Weds.

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Tips for playing Battle of Immortals

I know it has been a while since we’ve posted, but hopefully we’ll do better next week. Today what I would like to do is to give you five useful tips for Battle of Immortals. These things are items that I’ve noticed even people who have higher level characters aren’t doing.

1. To target enemies quickly use your tab key. This is much better than trying to click on the bad guys to attack them.

2. I’ve found the most experience can be gotten the following ways –

a) do your available events – do all of them that you can. As you progress you may not be able to complete all of them. Some of these also will reward you with money.
b) do your quests – again doing quests will also give you some money as well
c) grind – as long as I’ve played, I have never had to grind, ever.

3. Make sure you get your free stuff, every day. Before you are level 30 make sure that you get your free buff from the New Player Assistant in Atlantis the location  – 149,202 . Free food (for health and mana) can be gotten daily from Yara in Atlantis square or Ignese in Atlantis. This free food lasts for 48 hours. Make sure you get your free foraging tool from Meryl in Atlantis Square.

Next week we’ll talk some about the events. Enjoy your weekend.

Battle of Immortals Tips for Level 20+

So you’ve made it to level 20 – congratulations, now comes the fun part. In Battle of Immortals there are a few different ways you can make exp. Do quests, do jobs, do events, just kill things. The most experience will usually come from doing events, and we’ll cover that below.

You should have made it to Atlantis – if not continue to do all the quests until you are there. Lets review the things around the mini map – the circle at the top right of your screen, we’ll be exploring the small tabs around the circle.

The first tab is the rank tab. This just shows your rank in various areas – level, monsters killed etc.

The next tab is the double experience tab. You can activate or freeze it. Couple of notes on this – it ONLY works when killing things, it DOES NOT count for turning in the quests. I would highly recommend you use it while doing events. It refills on Saturday so if on Friday you have plenty left then let it loose. You will also get items that refill it. Just make sure to turn it off when you’re afk or doing run around quests.

The next tab is the mail tab and then the big map tab. The local map tab is next (or you can hit “m”). You can click to move in either the round map or from the main map (m). The main map also shows you any available quests in the are.

The next tab is just that the target list. This can be very useful if there are a lot of monsters around and you want to target a particular one.

The next is the major events tab – this tab gives you the time of events – what the rewards are – we’ll get more into this on Monday.

Till then enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

Battle of Immortal Newbie Tips

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The Battle of Immortals starts today at 11am pacific time. Here are a few newbie tips to get you thru the first day.

1. The first 20 or so levels goes pretty quick. It is also pretty straight forward. The first quest leads to the second, then the third and so forth.When you accept the quest it will appear to the right side of the screen. Getting from one place to another is pretty easy. You can use the traditional WASD keys to move around, you can point / click to move, or if you’re doing a quest just click the link to the person you’re supposed to go to or the beast you’re supposed to kill and you’ll move there automatically. This makes getting there pretty quickly. You can also use your map key ‘m’ and click on a point on your map and you’ll move there.

2. Everyone does the same exact quests to level 20 so the areas will be pretty jam packed. It is ok to group for these quests. If you run into an area where you can’t see the mobs you need to kill you can use your tab key to select the nearest beast.

3. Money is hard to come by and as you progress skills will cost both money and experience. The quests you get will get you geared up nicely and so at the beginning there is no need to by anything for the first 20 levels… again, save your money and don’t buy anything.

We’ll talk about some things to do after you get to atlantis in a couple of days.

More help – some tips from the closed beta that will help –

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Battle of Immortals starts on Tuesday

Battle of Immortals completed their Closed Beta on Friday and the Open beta starts on Tuesday (11am PDT).

I really enjoyed the Closed Beta so we’ll definitely be playing the game on Tuesday. One important thing to note is that there won’t be any other wipes so what you do in the Open Beta and beyond you get to keep. During the closed beta we had a couple of level 50 characters. Battle of Immortals can be a little confusing at first so we’ll work on providing some tips for you in the weeks and months ahead. Our first tips we should have up on Tuesday so stay tuned.

You can download the game by going here –

Tips for the game can be found here –

A forum can be found here –

Enjoy your Monday