Playing Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul
Blade and Soul

So I did spend some time over the weekend between football games to play some Blade and Soul. I bought the lowest level founders pack. With this pack anyone, although you get some coins, you don’t get access to them. I really didn’t care much about that because I’m curious if it is really “free to play”, or if it is “free to play as long as you spend money on things you really need for the game”. I was level 20 when I started, I needed to upgrade my weapon so I thought I would visit the dungeon. This dungeon gives you a weapon and some armor slices is what I call them – 8 slices make up a pie.

Well I ran the dungeon over and over again. When you get loot, the good loot anyway you have to open it. You open the loot with keys. It is all random except for if you use the ‘best’ key… which you have a random change – surely less than 0.0001% from boxes you get from doing things. So I had no best key, had no money to get one, the auction house wasn’t working. So I used the other keys. Twenty times I used them and didn’t get the weapon I was looking for. One random one did drop off a boss.

The loot system, you bid (buy) on loot that drops from the dungeon. I think that is insane, really. No need or greed, just bid on the loot. If you win, you win, if not you get a small bit of cash.

I did end up getting the purple armor pie (all eight pieces) from the dungeon. Not sure how ‘good’ that is. The dungeon didn’t take long, but I have never been very good at RNG. If you’re playing the game, you need that level 20 weapon to help you access further content. So, guess I am stuck on level 20. A side note, I did the dungeon with level 30+ players so guess they were looking for their weapon too.

The whole thing left a bad taste. I have never, ever minded grinding. I don’t mind running a dungeon repeatedly to get something, some uber purple that completes a set or something. I have also ran dungeons that were ‘required’ to progress, but I didn’t have to run them over and over again. I’m not much of a fan on this is how you upgrade your loot systems anyway.

If I play again, I think I’ll start a different character. I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

GW2 First Beta Weekend August 7th – Details

August is here. July went by in a blur. My Black Desert account is now playable, although I haven’t had too much time to play it yet (too much work, but no complaints since the alternative is hunger).

I made a ninja, got her to level 11 or so in less than an hour that I did get to play. To mean it seems that she takes a long time to kill things, but that could be that I’m just not using the right skills, don’t have the correct weapons etc. The plan is this week to play her and work on getting her to at least level 20 or so.

I still do enjoy playing Black Desert, normally I PVP all the time, I haven’t in this game yet, since I’m not the appropriate level.

Guild Wars 2 first Beta weekend is coming up on August 7.

Details –

I think (but need to do some more research) that you have to purchase the expansion in order to play. I have played throught the Silverwastes battle, in another beta and it was fun. You’ll be able to play in about 25% of the first map. You can PVP and WvW in the beta, you’ll also be able to play the Revenant and get the ‘full’ trait lines too.

I’m still on the fence of buying, I guess I’ll watch some Twitchers play. I wasn’t too impressed with the beta I played in. I played the Revenant. If you play, feel free to leave us a comment below.

Enjoy your week.

What I’m Playing this weekend – The Secret World Beta

I think this weekend I’ll be playing the Secret World… from footage I’ve seen I don’t think it will really be my thing. One way for sure I’ll be able to tell though is to play it and so that is the plan. It’s already started but I have a pretty jam packed weekend with other things so probably will play a bit tonight and then some on Saturday and Sunday. They have mentioned the PVP will be enabled this weekend so I will definitely try that out to see how things go.

Been a rough week here – hopefully yours is better and you have a wonderful weekend.

Guild Wars 2 – How to beat the Ringmaster – or what I did this weekend.

The RingmasterWow, what a weekend… a truly enjoyable weekend that just didn’t last long enough. So here’s what I did.

I played my human warrior to level 31. I did get back on my hunter to check out the hunter changes for about half an hour or so. They had mentioned about changing the pet respawn after death but it didn’t seem like it was too big of a deal – at least I didn’t think so.

I started on Friday at level 6 and got to about level 12 or so (6 hours played).
Saturday I made it to level 23 about 10 hours played. And Sunday I made it to level 31 – about 9 hours played.

I also got my crafting up to level 100 or so for both Armor and Weaponsmithing. I also made it to the new zone.

I also got to play in the new zone. One note for those of you playing it… it seems they have the lower level parts of the zone on both the East and the West side of the map. For some reason when I played this map last night it was hard to get in the flow – perhaps it was because everyone was attacking the middle of the map but I don’t know.

Couple of things –

On Friday I had a few rollbacks and disconnects, it seemed like it happened only in one part of the zone and not any others. It only happened on Friday so they may have tweaked or changed something – there were a few patches during the weekend.

I explored 4 zones completely – out of the reward for doing that I think I got only 2 pieces of armor I could use. I understand the importance of randomness in rewards but I do think you should at least get a couple of pieces good loot.

The Ringmaster –

This was the conclusion of my story quests for this beta – I like a challenge but this one was almost impossible. I tried it at level 19 ( the recommended level) and utterly failed. I like something hard but this was crazy.

You have basically the Ringmaster and his 3 cohorts. They hypnotize the audience and then start bashing everyone. You do have one guy helping you.. but no one else.

I tried again at level 21 – here’s how I beat them.

1. At the end of their spiel make sure you step back – your help should follow you. When they attack make sure you hang back – use your ranged if possible to pull someone to fight you. I died during this portion.

2. Pull the bouncer – he has an almost continual knockdown / knock back. It is also pretty hard to kite because the area is very small. I hung back at the corner of the building to the left if you’re facing the area. I used my hammer so I could knock him down and back – if you do have a knockback be careful you don’t pull anything else.

3. Pull speedy – he was a pain to kill since he was jumping around like a chicken with his head cut off. Knockdowns will slow him down a bit.

4. Next I rezzed my helper – the ringmaster was potshotting me during this time but his potshots didn’t take very much. After you heal go after the witch – there is no way to pull her without the ringmaster – or at least none that I could found. This is just a fight about who lasts longest. I played run around the tent. One really bad thing happens during this time as well. The ringmaster calls usually 3 of the crowd to come and bash you as well – kill the adds immediately when they come out. I did this by using my big stund with the hammer (after grouping them up a bit).

Again a super hard fight.

Overall another awesome Guild Wars 2 – BWE – can’t wait for number 3.

My Plans for the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend

Quest (Photo credit: MarilynJane)

Are you excited about the Guild Wars 2 beta weekend. I am. Almost feels like when I was younger and Christmas was around the corner.

So my plans for this weekend –
I think I’m going to start out when the servers go live and do some WvW – capturing the initial points gets you quite a bit of experience. This works especially well if you have some coordination with the main group. Hopefully we’ll get hooked up with a squad. I’ll probably bash around for an hour or two – or until the initial points are captured.

After this I think I’ll work on my personal story with my warrior. I had a real problem with this last time (during the stress test). Then we’ll bash about in the human lands and work on the quests
to level 10 or so. Then we’ll migrate to Char lands and work their into the 15 area. I’ve heard they have some pretty killer quests that pop frequently.

The most efficient way to level is do the Random quests that pop, do the heart quests and make sure you explore (and gather everything) in an area.

Arena net talked a bit about the changes to WvW and they all sound good to me –

What I liked – they nerfed the arrow carts a bit – especially related to range, and they added red circles. Red circles are always a good thing.

See you on the battlefield.

Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Review – Green is the New Blue

Green is the New Blue

Wow what a weekend. Hopefully you had a wonderful time playing Guild Wars 2. I don’t know about you but I’m having withdrawals already.

I got to about level 25 or so with 20 or so hours played (give or take an hour). I played a Norn ranger and had a blast.

Things I enjoyed –

I really enjoyed the level / pacing. I did the Norn area till about level 15 or so (till there was a new zone), then did some Human areas, went back to the Norn from 20 to 23 or so then went to the Charr starting area. One of the main things I was doing was working on getting skill points. I think I had 15 or so extra at the end, after I purchased 3 of them. One thing I really should have played with was traps, but I didn’t.

I liked how you learned skills… and switching weapons made things so much better. I know some people were complaining about how hard things were… and at times it was hard. If you weren’t switching weapons, pets, and dodging then you were doing it wrong. Remember many of your skills you can use while on the move.

I really loved the story quests (although I did die sometimes).

Some of the hearts were great.. and others were blah. Many of them had a unique twist, you can see one below. The dynamic quests for the most part were great… except for a few of them.

The loot system, gather system, kill system in which everyone gets credit when they participate was great.

Things I learned –

Until I was level 10 or so I didn’t realize that green stuff is better than blue stuff… all those other crazy MMO’s I guess.

If you’re searching for a skill point and it has a little arrow next to it that usually means it’s underground somehow. I actually managed to clear all the points of interest, skill points and hearts for the norn starting area. Unfortunately I got two rewards that I couldn’t use.

I learned you can put stuff on the market from anywhere but you can only pick up stuff you bid on / money for things you sell from a market place, usually in a big city somewhere.

You can put crafting stuff in your bank from anywhere, I think if you right click and then choose store you can put it away… I didn’t know that till today but I will know it for next time.

Things I need to learn –

Test out some of the different skill / traits. I know I will probably need to go to the trait person to exchange and reset things.

More about the pets / pet system and find more pets.

Things that I didn’t like –

Some of the mobs spawned a little quickly. One cave area we went to in particular (there were 5 or so of us). We would almost get the place cleared and the whole place would respawn instanatly. After a couple of times we quit trying.

Pets. Some work and some don’t. The one’s that work, worked well. Others would wonder too far off.

Didn’t last long enough. <cough> Definitely needs more testing.

Favorite quests –

Training the cows to fight. I have never laughed so much in my life. My wife actually came in to check on me to see what was up.

Favorite Moments –

In the Charr lands we had to take a keep and then defend a keep. Multiple waves of bads and the dead were piled up above my knees. A death or two in that battle but had a good group who ressed folks as they died.

The real test I think of any game is do you want to play it again… and well that answer is a resounding yes. So when is the next beta?

GW2, Firefall Beta Tips

Well the Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase happened yesterday.  There seems to have been a bit of trouble with people trying to link their accounts. I guess if I had all of the HOM I would definitely get a little angry (ok a lot angry). We still don’t know exactly when the first beta test will be. And I actually thought we may even learn when the release date was going to be, but that didn’t happen either. I still think it will be in May / June. The thread on Guru is an interesting read if you haven’t checked it out – you can do so here.

It is now over a hundred pages in length. Most of the CEs sold out pretty quickly.

We played and continue to play the Firefall beta. Here are some hints.

1. Shift is your friend. You will use it to run faster, that and your jump jets.
2. In the starting town their are a couple of glider points. You hang glide around the map. It takes some practice, but you can reach the edges of the starting map pretty easily.
3. If you have a thumper, or need to deploy something you can usually use number key “4” to make it happen.
4. Join a group if you’re short on minerals to create your next bit of loot. It is much more fun and you’ll be surprised how soon you’ll gather enough to create something.
5. You can play any character class. Take some time and explore. I still don’t know exactly which one I like the best.

Enjoy your day.

Firefall, Tera, and Guild Wars 2 – what I did this weekend

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Wanted to apologize for not getting some Firefall video footage, but we had a client that wanted some work done ASAP and that’s what puts food on the table.

I did play Firefall some this weekend. I figured there would be a ton of new people from Pax… I didn’t see many, although they may have went to a different server, I’m not sure. I will say this on Sunday afternoon for a few hours I had a great time doing Thumper runs. Some day this week I want to talk more about Firefall. I will say this, the best way to play it is in a group. Outside of a group it isn’t very fun at all.

I also played some of Tera during this last beta weekend. It seems that around level 23-28 most of the story quests you will need to do them in a group… if you don’t you’ll get your but handed to you. I did get to level 28 or so… then I remembered the toon would be going poof after this weekend.

So will I play Tera?

That is a very good question. There will be no organized pvp until this summer. So if I want to pvp (which I do) I’ll need to join a pvp server. I will also need to put a good amount of time in at first so I don’t fall behind the power curve. I don’t expect to make it to 50 first but I do expect to get there before the majority… otherwise I will get ganked over and over again. And that is never any fun.

So here is the Tera open beta and headstart schedule –

  • Open Beta Test: April 19 – 22
  • Head Start: April 28 – May 1

Now I AM going to purchase Guild Wars 2 – and I AM going to play in the beta… so tomorrow I don’t think we’ll know when the game is going to launch. I used to think we would know, but I’ve changed my mind. I do hope we find out when the first beta test for pre purchasers happens. They have said we’ll see one in April. I don’t think we’ll see a beta this weekend, starting on the 13/14 – so that leaves 20/21 and 27/28. Looks like either date would be bad, so probably won’t play… but tomorrow hopefully we’ll get some info.

Path of Exile, Firefall, what I did this weekend

Firefall from Glacier Point
Firefall from Glacier Point (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good Monday morning to you. It’s going to be a good day for ducks here. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We watched a little basketball, did a few projects on the honey do list and played some games.

The Path of Exiles open beta / stress test was this weekend. The game is a top down adventure similar to Diablo. The game was fun and I think I made it up to level 15 or so. There are a few quests you can accept and work on but most of the game is filled with killing stuff.

The currency of the game is mostly bits you use to upgrade drops you find in the wild… so there is really no money. You pick up loot as you kill stuff. The better loot has slots you fill with gems. These gems also upgrade with you as you adventure. The gems can either be spells / abilities, buffs or a combination. The drops can be white, green, blue and brown. I think when I finished I had three browns and the rest blue.

You can also group up with folks to complete quests. Areas can be finished in normal or hard mode (there may be another but I’m not sure).

The skill system is huge … and I do mean huge.

No pvp. I did enjoy the game though and I would give it a 7 out of 10.

I also enjoyed some Firefall this weekend. We’ll speak more about that when we can. A reminder of some upcoming dates –

April 6th if you’re going to Pax you’ll be able to play the game. If you play the game you’ll also get a beta invite. April 6th will also be when the NDA drops and we’ll be able to talk more about the game.

We love hearing from you – let us know what you did this weekend.

The doldrums of Su..Spring — What I’m playing this weekend.


Sailing ship
Sailing ship (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usually you have doldrums in the summer. It just means there is nothing moving around and so your ship is stuck, because you have no winds in your sails. Well… that’s what it is has been feeling like recently here. I was hoping for a huge pile of videos from the latest GW2 beta, and while there have been a few, there have definitely not been as many as I would like to see. It seems the closer we get to April 10th ( you know the day we can buy Guild Wars 2) the slower the days go by. This could also be because I’ve just completed a huge project which took quite a bit of time during most of March… maybe I will need to start another huge project to tide me over until release.


ONE THING I KNOW FOR SURE – I will have played or be playing the beta by this time next month. Wow that is great to say.

Someone asked me last week if I played SWTOR and yes I did. I’m just waiting for 1.2 to be released. When that is going to happen, no one really knows.

I had also been playing the RaiderZ alpha, but the alpha has ended and so we will wait till the game goes into Open Beta, which may be soon since they’re going to be at Pax East. And speaking of Pax East it will be next weekend.

I’ve also been in the early beta for Firefall. It has been under an NDA, but I can tell you I am still playing it (that should tell you something). Also they usually have the test on a couple of days during the week – Weds / Sats. I got a note this week and some real (full time) testing will start on April 2nd… which is Monday. That is some good news. On Friday the 6th the NDA will be dropped… that is always a good thing.

This Weekend

This weekend I’ll be playing Path of Exile – which is an open beta / server test type situation and will be playing a bit of Firefall on Saturday. I was also going to do some of my Honey Do list outside but it looks like we are going to have some rain… so maybe next weekend.

Have I said I can’t wait till Guild Wars 2…. enjoy your weekend and let us know what you’ll be playing.