Black Desert Online – One Step Closer

The client for closed beta 2 is now available to download. Details for that can be found here.

Also they give a nice calendar of upcoming things.

• Pre-Download of CBT2 Client is available on your ACCOUNT page
• Winners from the Beauty & Beast contest will be announced in our forum
• Additional CBT2 keys will be distributed by end of date UTC to those who registered

Make sure to check the forums and see if you won – remember the drawing is random. Also if you haven’t reserved your name and want to reserve it for CBT2, then tomorrow is the last day (at 3am EST.) 0800 UTC seems to be the favored time for BDO. So just remember that when you see 0800 UTC is 3am EST (which thankfully is about the time I normally crawl out of bed).

17.02 | 08:00 UTC
• Everyone who reserved his name by 08:00 UTC will be able to use his reserved name during CBT2 to test this feature

18.02 | 08:00 UTC
• CBT2 will start; follow us for details about patch notesevents and news in our forum
**Relevant threads for CBT2 will be updated before CBT2 start.

That is less than 2 days from now.

22.02 | 08:00 UTC
• CBT2 will be closed
• Character Creator will be closed
Redeem page for CBT2 keys will be closed

Four days to play isn’t very long but the ‘real’ fun begins now in less than a week.

26.02 | 08:00 UTC
Pre-Order will be closed

27.02 | 08:00 UTC
Name Reservation will be closed

28.02 | 08:00 UTC
• Soft Launch for Early Access who pre-ordered the Conqueror’s Package will begin
• Claiming process for Pre-Order Packages will begin

The Fun will commence.

01.03 | 08:00 UTC
• Soft Launch for Early Access who pre-ordered the Explorer’s Package will begin

02.03 | 08:00 UTC
• Soft Launch for Early Access who pre-ordered the Traveler’s Package will begin

03.03| 08:00 UTC
• Hard Launch for everyone who purchased the game will begin

• Cash Shop will be opened

Not sure what is up with the cash shop not opening till the 10th of March – I was hoping to at least buy a couple of pets, but I have managed to play in Korea with only one pet so it can be done, it is just a pain in the but to loot everything.

My plan for CBT2 is to see if I can level to 50 in the short window of play – that’s my goal anyway. I know that leveling is more difficult in NA vs. KR – we will see. It will be fun anyway!

Returning to Eve – some tips

Rifter-class frigates after an attack
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I had mentioned before that we got five free days to try Eve Online again… and surprisingly we have really enjoyed ourself. There are many things that are new and different, so I definitely think that it will take some time to re-learn how to do things. We did create a new character and did all of the newbie player tutorials. Those were pretty fun and we ended up with about 4 million or so isk. I had some trouble doing the scanning quests, kind of reminds me of finding a needle in a haystack. I did finally figure it out. We have also starting on one of the new story arc quests, the sisters of eve, so far that has been fun as well. They are running an offer to resubscribe for about ten bucks or so for the month so I think I will probably sign up for that and we’ll see how things go.

Here is a great site we found to help you get back into the swing of things.

That is a link to the Eve University’s wiki page.

Enjoy your week.

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Quick update and back to EVE

A Pod in space along side the wreck of the shi...
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We’ve been on vacation for a while and have just gotten back. We had a wonderful time with my Wife and Daughter. We’ll be giving you a update on how things went in a bit, also we should be posting more regularly now that we’re back.

While we were gone we got an email for EVE giving us 5 play days for free and then the first month for around 10 bucks. I figured we would give EVE a try again, we did have a good time when we played it before. We’ll be goofing off with it a bit this weekend and we’ll give you an update on that on Monday.

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