Guild Wars 2 Beta and More Beta, Black Desert Patches and…

The Guild Wars 2 beta was fun. I played the new class and adventured in the zone they had set up. I made it to the dragon, it was a beautiful dragon, then I disconnected and could never connect again… so that was that.

The zone was similar to the other end zones, you do a series of quests and those quests, if you pass them lead to others. There were a couple that were unique, the one where you had to get eggs from a cliff and retrieve them back down to the valley (without exploding) was interesting. I was bad at it and never did get an egg to the bottom.

There will be another beta, this time for the new PVP Stronghold PVP – this is the second beta for that. I did enjoy myself last time while I played and I will log on for a bit tomorrow. I had never been a big fan of that type of PVP in GW2, I loved (and still do) world PVP.

Details for the Stronghold PVP –

If you can’t wait for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ to get your hands on the new Stronghold Player vs. Player game mode, be sure to join us on June 2 at noon Pacific Time (UTC‑7) for the second Stronghold PvP Public Beta! The map will be available live within Guild Wars 2 for 24 hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to storm the enemy gates (and to defend your own).

To get started in Stronghold, you’ll need to head to the Heart of the Mists, which can be accessed through the main portal in Lion’s Arch or through the PvP panel icon located at the top of your screen. Once you’re ready, queue for an Unranked Arena match. You’ll see Battle of Champion’s Dusk as the featured map; vote for it, hit “Accept” when your queue pops, and enjoy the battle! Conquest matches can still be played in Ranked Arena.

Want to learn more about how to play Stronghold? Check out Ready Up episode 28, or read all about it on the official Guild Wars 2 site.

That was from

Black Desert continues to be fun. I don’t think I have ever played a game quite like it. You can do almost anything that you want to do, from grow a garden to breed horses. It has a robust crafting system in it and houses. It is one of those games (for me anyway), when I’m not playing it, I’m thinking about playing it.

I still have so much to learn, but do learn something new everytime I log in. I have been tempted to buy some stuff, but for now I want to try and see how far I can get without paying anything.

Also for the Korean servers they launched a patch that had the new Wizard class, no I haven’t played them yet.

Hope you have a great week!

The Fail

I failed… I didn’t get the item that gave me access to the beta. I’m not sure exactly why, I tried it with a couple of hours, I played a couple of hours every day or so, except for this weekend. So I guess I’ll just not worry about it and play the new content when it comes out. I did get a whole lot of new stuff and made quite a bit of money during the event. I know I have the luck of a dog, but that is fine too.

This week I’ll return to the normal things I do in GW2 – working on getting my daily bits done so that I can get my points.

How did you do, did you get what you were looking for. I know that many people did.

BTW Reddit says they are still dropping –

It was interesting to see the new elite class for the Guardian. Details can be found here –

Enjoy your week.

How to get in GW2: Heart of Thorns Beta test.

GW2 just announced details on how to get into the Heart of Thorns (HOT) beta test.

For a limited time rare portals will drop from enemies in Dry Top and the Silverwastes beginning on April 28 (that’s tomorrow).

Where is Dry Top and Sivlerwastes – you can check out the map here –

The Silverwastes –

Apparently there has already been a beta test – you can find out more details about the GW2 beta by going here.

No details have been given about how long this will last, no details about when exactly it will start or how rare the drop is. If I hear any additional information I will add it to this post. I know I will be playing and hopefully you will be too! Now when will the next one be…

GW2 Stronghold PVP Beta Coming on Tuesday

If you like structured PVP in Guild Wars 2, or if you just want the chance to play in the beta, then tomorrow is your chance.

On Tuesday you’ll be able to participate in the fun beginning noon Pacific Time (19:00 UTC) on April 14 through noon Pacific Time (19:00 UTC) on April 15.

Details about the event can be found here –

An overview of Stronghold is here –

I’m not a big structured PVP fan, I normally focus on WvW, but I do think I’ll be participating tomorrow just to check it out. I don’t think that the new player class will be in, but I guess one could hope.

Have fun tomorrow and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Guild Wars 2 – April Fools

Last Weds. (April 1st) I logged into Guild Wars 2 like I do everyday (got to do those dailies and get the loot for logging in). I thought at first something was wrong with my game. It was like my character was in an old black and white movie. Everything was in those colors except for the map and a few other things. My character also had his arms out, like he was flying or something.

The game did patch, so I thought that maybe it was the patch that was wrong or maybe my video card was getting ready to bite the dust. Then I noticed another player and they had their arms out…then I remembered what day it was. April Fools. I think it was one of the coolest April Fools jokes ever, it was fun running around with other players in WvW many of them saying Vroom Vroom.

You can check out a video of what was happening here.

Events are always fun and I’ve been involved with many of them over the years, this was one of the best.

Legendary Weapon Changes GW2

Good Morning. Tons of info on the expansion for GW2.

Among the things that I found interesting in the announcements was that there will be a new way to get the precursor for legendaries. The best explanation of how the new system will work can be found in this video.

Precursors for the Bifrost on Juggernaut are really expensive (950 and 750 gold) with the finished products ridiculous (3k and 3500 gold). I have really bad luck and am also very poor (70 gold) so having a new way to get them should be fun.

One other side note / goal is to work on getting my crafting to 500. I’ll have to find some good guides online for doing that. I’m still enjoying PVP – even though my server is outnumbered every week it seems. I’m not much for following a zerg around anyway and like to do small group tactics. And nothing is so fun as pummeling a large group of people with just a small attack force.

If you’re a old player returning then this webpage / article should help you out a bit.

Guild Wars 2 Talks about WvW and I like it…

Saw a great panel from EGX Rezzed on Saturday. Guild wars 2 was supposed to talk about some PVP stuff.

I think I’ve mentioned before but WvW is one of my favorite parts of the
game, I love it. It has been at least this long since I played GW2, but
playing WvW is kind of like riding a horse that you haven’t ridden for
awhile, it didn’t take me very long to get back in the swing of things.

Heart of Thorns is GW2’s new expansion that will be coming out sometime
(this year?). Here are the notes I took from the live event.

Replay of the stream –

Exploration of Desert Borderlands –

Talks a bit about tournaments – highlight 50k in prizes.

World v World.

The mastery system – “Heart of Magumma” – here is a link to more Mastery
talk. He also talked a bit about the Revenant.

Strong Hold – collect supply, raise troops.
Specializations – guilds will be stronger.
WvW Dessert borderlands and the brand new siege weapon (whoop).

Video 1 (exclusive new)

Looks like fun. Looks very large. Event in center of map, new siege weapon. Distinct environments. Desert duh – some cool areas. Underground things, first entirely underground keep. Center of map, Oasis. Dinosaurs, oh my. Liche theme
tower. Canyon system, very tall with pathways, a keep in the walls of
the canyon.

Objective layout – evolving how the objectives take over the thing. Now
surrounded the gates with things the defenders can stand on. Current
towers are ok, were lacking that it was hard to defend.
New towers take advantage of terrain, can’t attack from all of the
sides. Owning objectives will be much more important. Much faster
movement with objectives.

Terrain variation, greater depth. Lots of bottle necks, and you have to
not fall off (stability helps). Much more ‘space’, hidden paths and
secret things to get from one point to another. You will be rewarded for
learning where the secret pathways are.

Air Keep – three keeps like existing borderlands. Eack keep has different bonus.
Air, earth and fire keep. Shrine, 3 elemental shrines. Outside the walls of the keep. Can be claimed for bonus things. Team that owns the Air
Keep jump pads turn on. Get to the top of the cliff faster… I like that.
Two shrines, bird statues turn on and periodically have air deals so
that players are knocked off (can dodge through it or use stability). Sheep.

All three shrines no falling damage, so that is just a little bit OP -that is cool.
Keep Lord encounters will be hard. Want to make them more challenging.

Tengu the Air lord keeps. The Lord will matter, can contribute to the fight.

Fire Keep – Underground, three shrines. First shrine, spawns inferno egg, can turn into an ‘inferno’ hound. Increas of all the deals – make a good tank.
Bonus two fire turrets. Fireballs pew pew.Fire immunity, no longer get
burnt, can walk on lava…Can swim into the lava.

Earth Keep – Golems Shrine 1, Walk walls. Makes mazes for people that don’t own the shrine. Earth turrets, bonus number 2. Area cripple effect. Sandstorm is bonus number 3.  If you don’t own the keep, the defenders can capture the shrines. The team that owns the shrine can get a blessing (movement increase
plus damage or something related to the element).

Towers – four towers.
Mage College – watch out for the mage lord. Charr Lord Lich The Event (Oasis Event) in the center. Once every three hours a big event. A golden temple is in the center. A big energy weapon is in the center. Have to recover power cores and they have been swallowed by the dinosaurs. Time for a dinosaur hunt. When you get the core, take it to the camp, of course the enemy is going to try and kill you. There are three camps but can be turned in anywhere. After charging the canon fires into the sky and hits all of the enemy objectives and will gradually destroy the gates. Comeback mechanic if you are behind. One thing I’ve noticed, seems to be more anti-zerg which is cool. I normally roll with a small team.

New siege weapon, shield generator. The range of an arrow cart. The force ball lobs a ball that knocks down invaders. Softens up the troops. 2nd ability – force wall, block off sections that the enemy can’t pass through. Great for blocking bridges… and tactic. 3rd abilty, force dome. Pulses stability. Blocks other things too.

Video 2 – armies fighting, need to watch that bit.

Good stuff.

Guild Wars 2 – Fun

I’m enjoying Guild Wars 2. I did quite a bit when it first came out but I was wondering how well I would like it when I returned. The good thing of course is that the game is free to play.

I’m really enjoying the World PVP. There’s just something about battling for a castle that is a whole lot of fun. Sometimes it has been in a large group and other times it has been with smaller groups.

They made a ton of changes while I was gone. I haven’t really had time to do much research into how all the things have been modified. When I get a chance I’ll make sure to do a bit of research and post the best sites and videos that I find.

I do know one thing that I’ll be doing is working on a legendary. I think I have about 1.5 million Karma, so don’t think I will have too much problem.

I hope you have a wonderful time no matter what you’re playing this week.

Wildstar Nope – Guild Wars 2 Retry

So I told you that I thought about playing Wildstar again. I logged into my account, I had about 50 plat, bought a CREDD – I think is the name of the thing you can use to get free came time. They had migrated servers together so I had to change my name, which was kind of dumb, although now you can have a last name too. I walked around the main city for a bit and there was almost no one there. I had finished all of the quests I had available, one thing I can tell you is that I am pretty much a completionist most of the time. None of the people that had been in my guild were on. I don’t think it was just because of the server merge either. So I promptly logged out.

I have been hearing some rumblings about GW2, it is free, although when I paid it I usually spent about $30 or $40 a month on various things. Even for free games if I like them quite a bit, I don’t mind to spend some money. I really hate games thought when you have to pay to win (even though they say they are free) to me that is just a bit dishonest. I should do a thing one of these days about what I consider Ok to make you pay for in free games. I’m curious as to how long that list would be.

I decided to take the plunge, I logged in installed the game, the expansion will be called this – Heart of Thorns (HOT)

Immediately when I logged in for what seemed like an hour I kept getting these presents – I think they were for achievements that I had done or something similar. Anyway that is the best way I’ve found to welcome someone back in a game. It felt like I was accomplishing something without even having stepped a foot into the world. I also found out that the new expansion also has a new class. So I think at least for a few months I will be good to go and then the expansion should be here. All this won’t cost me any money which was my goal all along.

Here’s my to do list – more as a reminder to me than anything.

Begin / Finish the new stories.
Learn more about the new class.
Prepare for the new class so that I can kick but when it launches.
Find a good guild and enjoy some PVP.

It’s too early for me to tell you the thoughts I’m having about the changes in the game, but I will tell you that next week. Till then stay safe and have a wonderful time.

More information about the expansion can be found here –

Guild Wars 2 – What’s coming in the “near” future

soon, soon
soon, soon (Photo credit: steve_w)

So Colin Johanson had a big post yesterday about what he see’s coming up for Guild Wars 2 in the next months.

Here’s a video –

and the complete post.

Here are my highlights.

Guild Wars 2 has sold more than 3 million copies. That is a pretty big accomplishment if you ask me. What they want to do is build on what they’ve learned and continue to improve.

They make some pretty good points about what makes Guild Wars 2 unique. I’ve never really thought about it, but they have really changed things. It really is a party game and having a party isn’t a detremint in any way. … Think about that for a minute. Every other game I could think of anyway has at least one negative thing about grouping. Either you don’t get all the loot (or any loot if you’re too high or low)… really like the shared loot system.

During the game I have had some wonderful experiences. Most of them have to do with WvW. An example would be the time we defended a supply camp with ten people for 2 hours… I actually got tired of looting bags.

The event system / dyanamic events I do think they need to tweak it a bit and that includes giving some good loot. I really enjoyed the loot in the Lost Shore’s event, hopefully they will do some more of that in the near future.

Improving the reward system. I like these ideas, especially if it gives me something to do with my tons and tons of badges.

WvW – it’s going to be interesting to see what the system of “prestige and advancement” is. I could care less what my title is. I do like the idea of more short term reasons to win at WvW… all sounds good.

Overall it does look like 2013 will be a whole lot of fun… now I need more cake.

Enjoy your day.