Star Trek Online Reviews Reviewed

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From check out some various mmo sites (like mmorpg), it seems there there is some consensus, which I would agree with.

1. The game is fun for a few hours, then it gets monotonous and boring.

2. The game doesn’t feel like a mmo. Seems like the most that people interact with is three or four people.

3. People tend to either like the space aspect of it (like me) or the on planet aspect of the game.

4. Grades people give it have ranged from anĀ  A to an F.

One thing I really hate is when people say… it’s only beta, like there will be some kind of magical reincarnation after the game comes out (which is usually only a month away). I have been in many different betas, I have NEVER seen a drastic change from the beta to release. I have seen some changes within the first six months to a year, but never from beta to release.

So would I buy it… at this point probably not. If you are a trekkie, maybe you would enjoy it. If not then my recommendation would be to wait and see.

Enjoy your Monday!!

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Snow – Chuck – Star Trek Online – CES

Hope you are enjoying your Tuesday. Every now and then we like to give you a glimpse into our lives and these post will ramble quite a bit.

It has snowed here every day since last Monday – not a lot but enough to keep the ground covered. It is supposed to warm up this week, which is good news for us and Florida as well. Maybe Orange Juice won’t be $20 / gallon. I like weather and from all the long range forcasts it does look like that winter will return in full force by the end of the month. My daughter loves being out of school, but then always complain when they have to go to school in June (after starting the year early in August).

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I love Chuck the tv show. Somehow I missed the fact that it was on Sunday. I did watch the episode last night and now been watching episodes on Hulu to get caught up. That is something that I never did before. During football season I tuned into to watch games that weren’t available on my cable. I think one day you will be able to watch tv when and how you want. Episodes will be available in blocks (say 4 or 5) of episodes at one time. You’ll be able to either pay for them or watch the advertising. I think they will test (or should test) how big those blocks are.

Star Trek Online’s beta is now going full speed ahead… haven’t had a chance to check things out very much since my daughter has been off from school and she is a Warhammer nut. I must say thought that I love the PVP when you can find it, so not too many complaints from me. For Star Trek you can go to fileplanet and should have no trouble getting a beta key.

Consumer Electronics Show
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CES finished up and unless you live in a cave you’ve heard at least some coverage on it. Seems like it is all about the 3d television. I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to watch tv wearing 3d glasses. You can find a pretty good summary of lots of things CES from this url –

Hope you have a great day (and find some time to play).

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Star Trek Online Beta – First Impressions

Yesterday we downloaded a huge patch and actually got to play around a bit with the Star Trek Online Beta.

The part we played around with was the beginning few steps / quests. It was broken down into Onship and off ship (flying).

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Onship –

You start onship as a noob. Details are given on things like moving etc. and you’re onto your first quests. One important note I would say is to make sure that you read the quests. They will give you information about what to do, but more importantly where to go next. I am not a big fan of reading quest text, so this portion didn’t go too well until I realized that I need to read. This portion lasted 10 or 15 minutes (again if I hadn’t have been a goof it would have been a lot less). You went to different sections of the ship and learned how to use your phaser and kill some bad guys.

Off ship

When you complete the onship section you get to fly your ship. This to me was the most fun part of my adventure. The control system, weapon systems were explained well and you actually got to shoot at some things. If you have ever played a pirate game it is similar to doing that… you try to broadside the other guy. Flying was also fun, controls weren’t hard to grasp.


Still too early to give a buy it or skip it recommendation but I will say that I enjoyed the ship portion quite a bit and off the ship not nearly as much. We’ll hopefully get some time to plink around with it this weekend and we’ll give you some further thoughts next week.