Gaming News – Guild Wars 2 (Wintersday and PVP changes), The Secret World goes free to play, Darkfall Misses It’s deadline.

Saratoga CV3
Saratoga CV3 (Photo credit: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives)

Hope you’re enjoying your work – some tidbits of news today.

Guild Wars 2

Wintersday starts on the 14th. Complete details can be found here –

Looks like a lot of fun. I’m not really sure what the “toys” will be. I think I could use a new staff and maybe a new back piece for my warrior, but that’s just me.

Changes are coming to WvW in the “near” future (Feb.). Here are some highlights.

  • Advance notification of a new build. This is good especially if you’re thinking about putting down a ton of siege.
  • Alt F4 is now instant death – good news.
  • The gates and walls will now have to be 10% for them to build back. This is good news because I really hate getting stuck in a wall… never a good thing.
  • Break out events sounds like a good idea if it works. Probably what will happen is the enemy won’t capture the last keep.

They’ve also been work on culling and I don’t think it’s been working very well. Hopefully they will test it to something different.

WvW notes –
Culling and the forums thoughts.

The Secret World

Is now going Free to play. I did play this game for a little while at launch. Personally I thought it should have been free to play from the start.

Details –

They also mention there have been four major updates since launch. The updates included Raid in New York, Auxiliary Weapons and many new missions.


Darkfall was supposed to have launched today, but there have been some setbacks and now they won’t be launching January sometime. But you will be able to “play test” if you purchase the game on Monday the 17th.  Details about all of that can be found here –

I’m a bit surprised for a few different reasons. They should have definitely told folks earlier, they also got Greenlit for Steam. Maybe they didn’t expect so much fan support. As everyone knows fans can be a fickle bunch.

That’s all for today.

Game News – SWTOR goes free to play, GW2 announces start time and more.

The biggest news this week is from SWTOR – Star Wars The Old Republic is going free to play. Some of the details can be found here – They’ve laid off a ton of folks over the past weeks and month so not sure exactly how they’re planning on coming out with those “frequent” updates.

Apparently there will be a new form of currency called Cartel Coins. Some FAQ = And compare the Free and Paid versions.

Free players will have limited or no access to warzones, flashpoints, space missions, Operations(None), travel features, game long in. Extremely limited acces to the GTN. One thing on that list that has me a bit puzzled is the travel features. So are they going to put you on a slow boat, or will you have no acess to some areas within the game. I also like how they put this caveat – *Subscription and Free-to-Play features are subject to change.

End of Nations –

Will be having a beta this weekend – Join us for Beta Event 2 on Friday, Aug. 3 through Sunday, Aug. 5. I may have to join them to just see how things have evolved.

The Secret World – had a big content update.

Guild wars 2 has put a counter on their site. The countdown isn’t correct because it uses the individuals computer clock.

From a tweet – Guild Wars 2 ‏@GuildWars2

Those of you looking forward to headstart, it will begin on August 25 at 00:00 PACIFIC Time. ~RB2 #GW2

Excellent news!! I definitely think we need some more testing before the launch, just to test out the WvW changes and this –
A post from the devs saying they have tweaked the difficulty level (back up a bit) to BWE -2 .

Pretty please…

Enjoy your day

What I’m Playing this weekend

Secret little worlds
Secret little worlds (Photo credit: Steve took it)

Been a pretty busy week here. I have spent some time with The Secret World – the PVP is pretty fun and it seems to be a decent way to level. I’ve been doing a ton of family stuff – and have more to do tonight…. a big fireworks bash at my cousins.

I also have a good bit of work I need to do this weekend. So the plan is to play a few hours of the secret world. Hopefully I can finish up my personal story in the beginners area and continue to bash about some in PVP.

Next week we’ll be in and out quite a bit – and believe it or not the weekend after that we’ll be playing another Beta. No matter how slow the time goes by while we wait, it does go by so we’ll be playing GW2 very soon. One thing I know I’ll be trying to figure out after the BW3 is what server I want to live on. Being in a server without many people will be no fun at all – I also plan on doing quite a bit of WvW, so I’ll need to do some research to find a good place to make my home. I’m not one of those people who server surf, I usually find a home and then stick to it.

Hopefully whatever you do, you enjoy your weekend.

The Secret World and Me

Friday Cat Blogging, Hurry!
Friday Cat Blogging, Hurry! (Photo credit: cobalt123)

So as I talked about on Friday I played the Secret World for a bit over the weekend. After all I’m going to have to have something to keep me busy until Guild Wars 2 comes out.

I did have a pretty good time. I had some issues getting items that I should have gotten when preordering. The game though played pretty well and I did enjoy myself while playing PVP in Fusang Project. I’m playing a Dragon and we seem to be on the lower end of the totem pole in regard to the size of our team, but we do seem to have some pretty good players, so we do a bunch of guerilla attacks. I think maybe I will continue playing it for the experience until I get my second star.

I also had a few problems with the client – ie couldn’t or wouldn’t connect, but I really didn’t notice very much lag even with massive battles – 40 or so versus 40.

There also was a new patch that came out today – details of the patch can be found here.

One other thing I did notice is the game works like crap when you try to run fraps… not sure exactly why that is but it does.

Enjoy your Monday!!