War of Legends Review

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We’ve been goofing around a bit with War of Legends. I had mentioned earlier that it was a game that you play when you have some spare time, and I hold this to still be true. We’ve been goofing off with it a bit. A few comments.

1. It is very important that you do things in order, otherwise you want advance your levels and you will be screwed. Unfortunately I’m still working on figuring out the ‘best’ way to do that. Currently we’re a ‘Senior Perfect’ but there are those who are Ministerial Perfect, which is the next level up.

2. I have a sinking feeling that people who pay for the J credits will have a distinct advantage in this game. We get free credits now but I’m sure this won’t last after launch.

We’ll post some more thoughts when the ‘real’ game begins.

I’ve been wanting to do some beta testing with Mortal Online, but for some reason every time I try to launch the game, my computer (which is updated) crashes without explanation. From their forums seems like there is a lot of lag around so this may be for the best anyway.

Have a good one.

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War of Legends Beta

War of Legends
War of Legends

We’ve been playing a pretty fun game that is in beta called War of Legends.

It is a browser based resource game and it’s still in Beta. Unfortunately there have been a few glitches along the way and they have reset the servers a few times (which have resulted in having to start over again).

We’ll continue to play War of Legends for a week or two before giving you a complete review. Just remember a few things about this type of game.

1. It’s one of those games you play while you’re doing something else on the computer.
2. Usually with these type of games the people who ‘buy’ credits usually come out ahead (the people with the money win).
3. Big Alliances usually dominate these types of games. You’re safe in this game until for 7 days or until your palace is level 10

Enjoy your day… we may have ‘feet’ of snow by the weekend and if so we’ll send some pics.