Wildstar begins…

wildstar-1So I’ve been playing Wildstar a bit and having a good time. There were some problems. I had some problems too – mostly not being able to log in or log out.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a level 50 – actually I have two level 50’s, one on a PVP server and the other on a PVE server. Just to test things out, make sure the free to play didn’t suck too bad, I decided to start a brand new server on a different account and that’s what I did. To the right is a picture of the toon, as you can see I’ve made my way to level 20 without too much difficulty. There has been quite a few folks around, many more than I could remember from when I started when the game launched. That is a good thing.

I haven’t noticed any difficulties – a few minor annouyances. One is that I can’t put as many items on the auction house as I wanted to. That is probably the worst one so far, but I’ll let you know how its going to go.

In other news Blade and Soul has the Summoner Class week going on. Details about it can be found here – http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/summoner-class-week/

I hope whatever you’re playing that you’re having a good time.

And the choice is…

I have decided that I’ll be playing Wildstar. Here is my reasoning –

1. It is Free. Like any game that is free, I’ll have to make my own decisions if it is worth playing it or not.
2. Free to play starts tomorrow.
3. One of the reasons I stopped was because there weren’t many people playing. Free to play will probably cure some of that, at least for the first few months before the new wears off.
4. I have a couple of max level characters and a ton of money, I think I probably even have some CREDD – that’s probably not how you spell it. It is currency that can ‘buy’ you game time, just like a subscription.
5. I will be using it as a ‘tide me over’ game. I think I will be playing Blade and Soul – this comes out October 29th. So who knows, Wild Star should keep me going for a month anyway.

I watched some Blade and Soul videos from Bajheera and it looked fun.

You can check one out here –

Wildstar Attunement Reckt

Happy HuMp DAY! Hope your week is going well.

Wildstar had a stream yesterday and had some updates about the attunement process among other things. If you haven’t gotten to that stage in your Wildstar adventure it is a long process that lets you begin to run the 20 man dungeon. When you run the 20 man dungeons, you’re then working on your attunement for the 40 man dungeon (by collecting tokens).

They have decided that while the attunement worked for the most part (cough) there have been some parts of it that kept more people than expected from experiencing the raids.


No more need to get a silver in dungeons. You will now be able to get a bronze run and you’ll pass the attunement test.

Also you’ll need to collect less tokens than before from 300 to 100.

There has been some crying and wailing after this announcement, personally I think it is fine, hopefully this will bring more people back into the game (both new and folks that have quit in the past).

Some details about this announcement can be found here –

A good review of all the questions and answers – http://www.reddit.com/r/WildStar/comments/2dcw47/upcoming_runeattunement_system_revamp_itemization/

One other note, they’ll be change the way that runes are in gear (and you will have the ability to change them).

Here is a video replay of the Nexus report – http://www.twitch.tv/wildstar/b/557396007

I’m still playing and also enjoying myself. One thing I love is PVP, so PVP at 50 is now pretty much dead, I hope they will find out some way to revive it. I have some ideas, maybe I should share them. So I have started over (again), this will be my 3rd 50 and as is my policy, since I like to make it harder on myself and also want to play on a server that has more than five people on at a time in the capital city. I have made a new engineer on the most active non pvp server. I think this time I’m going to level exclusively by PVPing, except  I also want to do some crafting (as I go) – money will be hard to come by this time, since they increased the drop rates of most of the things that sale for any money, but I’ve already made it to level 14 so we’ll see how it goes, I LOVE PVP.

Enjoy your day, tell your friends if they left Wildstar because of the attunement.

Wildstar Attunement Guide – Tips for killing the elemental and getting rep to 32k

Fire extinguisher
Fire extinguisher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wildstar attunement has progressed well. On Monday I finished up the fire elemental and getting the 32k rep.

BTW one of the best guides I’ve seen on the subject can be found here.


The 32k rep we just did the two sets of dailys and we did them every day (duh), that gave us between 2 and 3k rep.

The elemental miniboss was a little different. I tried it a ton of different ways, finally I did it and I really wish after I figured it out I could do it again, but I couldn’t. Here are some tips.

  1. The elemental is in a pit, when the even starts fire extinguishers will appear at certain points around the outside of the ring on the ledge.
  2. The elemental has a few of attacks, one is a sweep that goes around in a circle. A front cone fire attack, and then dropping fire circles from the sky – I like to think of them as land mines.
  3. I found that it was much easier to do the whole thing alone, I tried it with friendly and enemy players, but it is easier alone, or maybe a guild group with communication.
  4. When the event starts go to a fire extinguisher – wait till the sweep passes and the activate it. You should be able to make it fire, before the sweep comes to you again. When the extinguisher fires DO NOT ATTACK the boss. Move to the next fire extinguisher, making sure not to hit any of the mines. If you hit one, you want to make sure that you hit the side that is closest to the pit, otherwise it will knock you off of the tower.
  5. When you reach the next extinguisher, shoot – or if you’re a melee, attack the boss. You will get two or three attacks.  After you attack the two or three times, activate the extinguisher. The elemental will get up and will maybe move, watch as he is moving, he is getting ready to do his frontal cone attack. If he is pointing toward you, it is possible that you’ll get the extinguisher to fire, before he begins his attack. If you do and he is stunned, again go to the next fire extinguisher you want to use, and then attack him, activate the extinguisher.
  6. It took me four extinguishers to do it. If the cone faces you, and you aren’t close to activation, then move to the opposite side of the circle.
  7. The most important thing is to not panic, you can do it.

Hope to finish all of the adventures by this weekend, wish me luck.

Wildstar – the Grind

Day 110 - eye grinder
Day 110 - eye grinder (Photo credit: uLightMe)

My Dominion character is progressing nicely. I am now level 39. I’ve been leveling on a PVE server which I must say is easier than on a PVP one… although not as much fun. When I leveled my warrior there seemed to be tons of folks around, now, not so much.

The goal is to get 50 by the weekend. I think that is possible, just need to grind out a couple of levels a day. Also I want to –

Make sure the story is current.
Get is much Dominion Rep as I can (do all the quests).
Come up with a plan to get attuned.

Something else with this character I seem to have a ton more cash than the other. I’m at almost 4 plat, which could be because I haven’t been doing any crafting. I was kind of disappointed in the crafting, the end game anyway.

Hope you have a great week.

Wildstar Strain Bits

Strain gauge
Strain gauge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wildstar is down for maintenance. The ‘new’ Strain patch has been downloaded. If you’re curious as to what the Strain is all about, then make sure to check out the following links.

NOTE: When I was writing this it was down, now it’s up!!

A video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWKa4vF43tM

Patch notes – important note, someone has already said that these aren’t all of the changes that have been made.


Carbine’s take on the strain  – http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/drops/1/strain/

If you’re fifty, then one of the coolest things is that you’ll be able to do dailys in a new area. I’m not sure, but I think you’ll be able to do them for both areas (for more loot).

So I made it to 50 on my warrior, and promptly switched servers and I am now an Esper Dominion. I know I’m always a glutton for punishment. I found some of my friends on Orian and they were Dominion so I switched. I think I am level 20 now and very broke, but having fun as always.

Some other bits of news –

Free Realm transfers ended yesterday – https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/86750-free-realm-transfer-and-realm-transfer-restrictions-announcement/

Good news (I guess) is that soon you’ll be able to use paid transfers. PVP players can transfer to PVP or PVE servers. PVE players can transfer to PVE servers. Some more details are on that post.

Time for me to go check out the new patch for myself. Enjoy your 4th of July!!

Almost 50 … Steam Sale and more

Celebrate America
Celebrate America (Photo credit: Mark Willard)

Almost 50. I have about two of the tiny bars left to go, and then I’ll be 50. I already have a big list of things I want to do, so I still should have some fun for a few months to come anyway.

I still have a ton of quests left to do, I’ll be working on those later to. I’ve decided to continue the pvp leveling.

A couple of things I don’t like / wish they would change.

Many of the pieces of armor have imbuements. I’m all for those, but especially with like a level 30 piece of gear, it takes fifty mask returns to cause it to activate. It doesn’t matter if I pvp all of the time, when I had finished that I had already gotten much better pieces of gear (and use I did finish it).

Their customer service sucks. I’ve had a ticket now for well over a week. I understand they are busy, and I’ve been upgraded to the next support level twice, but come on.

PVP has been interesting. While I don’t enjoy getting ganked every now and then it does make the leveling interesting and fun.

No matter what you’re playing this weekend I hope that you have a whole lot of fun.

The steam sale is going on, tons of great games. Sometimes it might take you a while to find a game you like, but be persistent.

One other note, I went to see Edge of Tomorrow on Sunday. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would highly recommend that you go watch it, great movie.

WildStar Update – Level 41 – Engineer Build tips – leveling guides.

English: Store bought cupcakes.
English: Store bought cupcakes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve made it to level 41, also I have hit the max crafting level – just got there, so I haven’t done any recipe finding yet. My goal is by next week to have at least most of those discovered. Also by next Friday I hope to hit 50 and have all of the PVP recipes. I’m on a PVP server so at times leveling can be difficult, I’ve also done all of the quests / questing solo. Why, because it’s harder I guess, and also I just wanted to see if I could do it or not.

I would recommend getting into a group with two or three people and going after it. I am having a wonderful time. The server seems to be a bit smoother and most of the problems I had when I got started have fallen by the wayside.

I’ve found a couple of more useful links to help you with your travels.

Awesome tips to maximize your housing buff – very easy to do.


A good guide for an engineer. Note you’ll find something similar in all of the class specific forums on WildStar – https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/44923-engineer-leveling-guide-concise-520-update/

Here’s a good general leveling guide – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QWyhDPmf-gHDE_he5klYPjKcq2ulLDXvCjGU7OuGggA/edit?pli=1

Good luck CuPCaKe !!!

Enjoy your Weekend!!

Wildstar – Early Thoughts

So the first week of Wildstar has gone well. I’m level 28 or so. I have also leveled my crafting and gathering to tier 3. During my travels I’ve also managed to gather about 90 gold, this is all while enjoying the fun that comes with being on a PVP server.

A reminder I’m playing an Exile, yesterday the PVP was good, I think my record in the battle grounds was 9 matches won and only a couple lost. Remember the trick to the temple is to focus on the masks, nothing else. This means you need to guard your masks, when a mask is unearthed you want to make sure that you’re there and you want to keep trying to steel the other masks. The best way to do this is to have groups of people do these tasks. It is possible with a PUG, because that’s what I’ve done all of my matches with.

I still haven’t found a guild, I think I’m going to wait, to see how things go and how things progress, although I think that joining a guild on a PVP server is important, because it gives you backup when you need it.

I am having a blast even with all the little hiccups that come from the launch of an MMO. Last weekend I had a rough time playing, mostly because for some reason I was having a hard time logging in. Thankfully things have settle down since then. I should have a bit more to share with you next week.

WildStar – Are you ready cupcake – some last minute thoughts and tips

Cupcake (Photo credit: zigazou76)

WildStar is just around the corner. It will begin at 1201 am PDT on Saturday morning. If that’s too much for you to sink your teeth into here is a handy countdown clock.


I have played this game since December for closed beta. Interestingly during closed beta I logged in almost every day. Normally when I test games I try to tell myself, you don’t want to get burnt out. It didn’t work though, I played almost every day, for a few hours. I played during closed beta and during open beta and guess what…I’m still not bored. So finally I get to level a character for real.

Are you excited? I am, sort of like a kid getting ready to open my Christmas presents. Unfortunately I won’t be able to open them early, or maybe I will.

First some interesting stats –

716 people have earned the max amount of boom boxes, which I think is around 120. I think I might be one of those 716.

Over  4 million characters were deleted when they  wiped the servers. Twenty of those were mine <sniff>

Those stats were from Cougar’s twitter and if you aren’t  following him yet cupcake, you should be. https://twitter.com/Cougardc He was still working at 2:55 am this morning.

So here are my plans for launch – I don’t expect to get any server first, I do think I should be in the first few waves of people that hit 50. I’m not really taking any time off, except for Saturday and Sunday, because I do still have to eat. But I have been slack on things that I ‘have’ to do next week. Unfortunately my daughter’s finals are next week and I am almost sure that I’ll be helping her study, but that’s cool too. I think if I hit 50 within the first couple of weeks, it’s all good.

The goal is to hit 15 on Saturday. Along with that tier 1 crafting and gathering done. I know that isn’t the fastest way to level, but that is the plan. I will be on a PVP server and the PVP gear I think will help me immensely in doing what I need to do, and helping me when the world opens up and in order to quest I need to make sure my back side isn’t getting scorched.

During that initial leveling I will also be doing PVP in the battle grounds – the PVP will be to get the points for the recipes etc. that I will need and also give me a good foundation for my points. I won’t be rushing but I will hopefully be staying just a bit ahead of the pack. I will also be doing the challenges, rewards will be bags, then the supply satchel (possibility of amps), then the housing stuff. By the time I make it to the Exile capital city I should have enough to be able to buy what I need to get my vehicle.

I have also heard some people say not to do any of the quests in the capital city, I will be doing mine, especially the one that allows you to hearth back to the city. This is on a 24 hour timer, but I plan on using it to stop my daily playing, zone back, do my crafting, sell my extra items and then log off in the house.

That is the plan anyway, I’m sure it will change as things change, but the goal of course is to have fun. Below I’ve listed some links that might interest you.

Some good ideas for leveling fast – although I won’t be following them. http://www.reddit.com/r/WildStar/comments/26ueln/want_to_level_fast_simple_guide_here/

In case you get lost, here is a map of Exile leveling zones.


I thought this was funny a straw poll of faction / server type. So close that it won’t even make a difference, I don’t think.


Is the game online or not – I hope this site will not be useful, but this isn’t my first launch party, so just in case.


What guild is going to what server, may be useful if you want to avoid a guild or join up with one that you like.


Love this song –



If you haven’t gotten the authenticator yet, then you need to. Gives you a 2% buff plus many more goodies. Details can be found here.