Playing Wow… Again

I am enjoying the expansion. For some reason when I stopped playing Wow decided to put me on a dead server, I am so glad that I have stayed there. The only ques I’ve had to worry about is maybe fifteen or twenty minutes.

Currently I’m level 95, just been taking my time and enjoying things. Also I’ve been playing with my daughter again, which has been really fun and she has school and a job, so don’t want to get too far ahead of her.

Many people have made it to level 100, which is cool, I’m more of the slow and steady type. One note is I’ve been working on my garrison as I’ve been going along. Also I have been killing all of the rares that I find along the way. I think I’ve only finished the first couple of instances so its all good.

If you’re playing I hope you’re enjoying yourself. One add on that I would recommend (shows you where the rares are is Draenor Treasures – download / instructions are there –

Have a great week!

Amazon Buys Twitch – Draenor Beta

Deutsch: Logo von
Deutsch: Logo von (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Twitch was bought by Amazon it was announced yesterday.

Twitch had something to say about it –

Twitch had a broadcast yesterday and they said nothing will change. I can’t believe how fast they started and how they grew from nothing to an almost billion $ company in 3 years or so. I wonder though if Amazon really knows what they purchased, how they expect to integrate twitch within their business model or do they want to just let it hang out on it’s own. I do know this, Jeff is a smart man and this is not the first company they’ve purchased, although I think it has been one of the most expensive (it’s the second, Zappos was first).

A news story from the Wall Street Journal can be found here –

I enjoy watching Twitch, especially when I’m on the fence about purchasing a game, which if Amazon integrates it right would be good for both them and gamers.

Draenor Beta

I won a beta key yesterday. I wasn’t really trying to, but when my name was announced (on twitch) I was happy. The download was fast, took me about an hour to get everything setup and ready to play.

I played Wow for years, my daughter still plays, has kept her subscription (using my old account) for ever. When she was younger we both played, that’s how she learned how to read, so I’ve had a long history. It was interesting playing after I’ve been away for so long. I’ll give you some thoughts I have about the game after the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, I hope you have Monday off and whatever you do I hope you have a lot of fun doing it.