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I know this is going to sound weird or odd…or maybe not. Before October of last year I didn’t own a cell phone. I know in this age of digital everything that is definitely different. But before October I really didn’t need one. I have a business, work from home, do 99 percent of my work from there so I didn’t really need one. In October of this year my Dad had an accident and since then a whole bunch of things have changed, including the fact that Im now out of the office probably 50 percent of the time or more.

I’ve only given my phone number out to a couple of people, my wife and daughter. Almost all of correspondence with my clients is done using email anyway. The reason I mention this and didn’t mention it earlier was because this past week I got a new (ok not new, it was Haley’s before it was mine) I phone 5. My daughter of course got the new iPhone 6 which seems to me like it is about as big as a small television set, and she got the one that isn’t the tablet sized one. The phone I had before, you could text with it, but that was about it. I’m definitely enjoying the new phone.

One other addition to my electronic devices in October was a new Macbook Pro (which I’m using now to type this). I’m really impressed with the Mac and as I go to Physical Therapy appointments etc. with my dad it has definitely helped me to keep up with my work, otherwise i think I would have been behind all of the time.

So what is your favorite app you use for your iPhone, let me know in the comments below. I hope you have a great week, maybe next time I’ll write this post on my phone.

The Apple Watch

Apple announced their new product yesterday and it was a (drum roll) watch.

More details about it can be found here – http://www.apple.com/watch/

I don’t wear a watch… I know that might sound weird. I won’t be buying it. Some highlights.

There are apps, it can track your pulse and your fitness things. You can use it as a phone, and yes it is a watch too.

Prices range from $349 to $10,000+ depending on the style you purchase.

The keynote video on the page I linked above gives some pretty good information.


The keynote talks about all of Apple’s products. The piece that unveils the watch begins at 53 minutes.

I do like the Mickey Mouse watch face. I can see people speaking to their wrists. Check your email, monitor your calendar, do your fitness things, send someone your heartbeat. Check on your friends (apple watch to apple watch) – I guess that is to send people love notes. It’s a good thing I didn’t have this one I was in school.

One thing I’ve heard people talk about that they didn’t like is the fact it has an 18 hour battery life. Someone mentioned that if you slept less than 8 hours a night then this would be bad, I guess that is probably the case.

700 million iphones… hmm.

I’m just curious, do you think you’ll be getting a cell phone for your wrist? Kind of reminds me of Dick Tracey.

Will I buy one, no. But it will be interesting for me to watch people that do.

Enjoy your week.

Review of the Fitbit

I like to stay in shape, I think it mostly comes from when I was in the Army for four years. Old habits die hard. My daughter also enjoys staying in shape. She bought a Fitbit recently as another tool for her arsenal. While I normally don’t care very much for tools like this, I do like the Fitbit. I’ve used a few different tracking tools before, but this has some tools that are unique.

It does track the steps you take during the day. What I like about it is you can challenge friends. These step challenges can last a day or a weekend. Haley has already had a couple of different challenges. This makes getting off your but and active much more fun, especially if you like a little friendly (or not so friendly) competition.

The Fitbit syncs with your computer (with an included USB) or with your phone (with bluetooth). When it updates it shows you all kinds of useful information including trends, steps taken, average pulse rate, and more.

The Fitbit is comfortable to wear and if you keep it on while your sleep it tracks how ‘well’ you rest. It lets you know when you were in deep sleep and when you weren’t. My daughter was surprised at how much real rest she wasn’t getting when she was asleep. We made a couple of changes to her environment and the Fitbit tracked some ‘better’ sleep but more importantly she felt better.

I think the true test of any fitness product is are you using it even after the novelty of it has worn off. Since it’s only been a couple of weeks, I’ll tell you if she is still using it in a month or so – and any problems we might have found with the product.

The http://www.fitbit.com/ is not cheap. Products range for $100 to $250. She purchased the Charge HR. You can also find the products at Amazon or Walmart although they aren’t discounted very much there, although you will save on shipping.

Enjoy your week.

2015 CES

The computer electronics show is happening in Las Vegas this week, January 6th – 9th. You can find complete coverage from this link – http://www.cesweb.org/

I’ve heard a bunch of news this morning that is talking about some of the biggest innovations at the show this year. One of them is gadgets that will ‘control’ your house. I like technology as much as the next person, but I’m not too sure how I feel about letting my smart phone control it. If mine can do it, what would prevent someone from hacking it, so that they could turn on my heat, open my doors, etc., when I don’t want them to. Although it all sounds good, I think I might wait a few years until the security bits catches up with the gadgets.

Apparently another big think at the show is ‘4K’ television. The thing about television is (just like with gaming systems) what content is available. From just a brief amount of research I’ve found that the answer to that is not very much, yet. Most of the new content from that will come from streaming (Net Flix / Hulu).

Drones also seem to be at the show too. When the whole drone thing started a few years ago there were only a couple of places where you could buy one, now it seems there are hundreds of places you can get one and the price has came down to less than a hundred. In the future I think the federal government will have so many regulations about when, where, how you can fly that it won’t be very much fun anymore, so enjoy them while you can.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Ipad 3 – Stats, Prices, Availability

Stats –

Retina display – an Ipad 3 will have more pixels than an HDTV.
9.7 inch screen. 2048 x 1536 resolution.
New Graphics engine with 4x the performance. Uses the a5X quad-core graphics.
Isight camera – 5 megapixel sensor, 5 element lens. Auto-exposure, auto-focus, auto-face detection, great edge-to-edge detail, AF-lock.
HD video recording in 1080p resolution.
Keyboard – plus dictate and it will type what you say.
4G LTE max of 72Mbps
3G Ready
Personal hotspot
10 hours of battery life – 4G has 9 hours
9.44mm and 1.5 pounds.
Comes in black and white and starts @ $499.

16GB – $499
32GB – $599
64GB – $699

WiFi + 4 G
16GB – $629
32GB – $729
64GB – $829

You can pre order the Ipad 3 here. (not an affiliate link).

Other notes –

The app store has had 25 billion downloads.
They sold 15.5 million iPads last quarter, more than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire line.
The new Ipad 3 has more memory and a higher screen resolution than an XBox or PS3.
The iPad 2 will start at $399.

Review of the Steelseries Merc Keyboard

Delete key on PC keyboard
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Good Weds. to you. We’re supposed to get a big ice storm over night and so posting over the next few days may be sparse. Hopefully it will move around or go somewhere else but we’ll probably get smacked. I posted a guide how to prepare for an ice storm.

I bought the steelseries merc this past week. I noticed that the box looked like it had been checked out and that is what I should have done. While it is a pretty good keyboard (I am typing with it now) and seems to play games well I really don’t like how they have arranged the keys on the right side of the keyboard (the area of the keypad). I type a lot during the day and I type a lot of numbers. In fact I didn’t realize how much that I typed until I started using this keyboard. All of the keys on the keypad have been changed and so 9 times out of 10 I make a mistake when typing numbers… who knew that I typed numbers without thinking about it. Also the delete key, home key, end key etc. have been moved and to use the delete key I reprogrammed it to something else. You can use the delete key with the number pad off, but who wants to do that.

If all I did was use the keyboard for games I would give it a 8 or so out of ten. Since I do use the keyboard for other things I’ll give it a 4 out of 10 and I have already ordered a replacement.

Enjoy your day and stay safe.

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My wife has taken over the I-pad

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory
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As many of you know we got the I-pad several months ago. I had read somewhere that it would change the way that many of us compute and I would have to agree with that. I spend most of my days on the computer since that’s how I make my living. Many of the things I do don’t work very well on the I-pad – things like design, graphics, research, reports etc. My wife uses her computer a little differently. She does have a website but the big thing she does with that is to send out a couple of newsletters each month. She has taken to the Ipad like fish to water and uses it all of the time.

In fact it has become staple when we watch movies (she is a big fan of check the internet movie database). Also she uses it a lot to check out the weather radar… and of course she enjoys playing games.

I introduced them to it on our vacation since there were times when they were a little bored, so I showed them how to work it and the games we had on it… and that was a big mistake, or maybe it wasn’t since they were definitely enjoy it.

How are you enjoying your ipad in ways you didn’t think you would?

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I-phone 4 Woes continue

ADER phone (1880)
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Apparently you aren’t the only one that is frustrated with their shiny new I Phone (after all doesn’t matter how shiny it is, if it doesn’t work).

Whoopi even talked about ‘murdering’ her I Phone 4 on the view… how did she do the deed. She slammed it into the car door. She still does love her I-Pad… and so do I, so the rant wasn’t against just Apple. I really can’t understand how that someone could let it get through quality testing… I mean if the phone doesn’t hold your signal then you might as well use it as a paper weight. I think probably what happened was that Steve was so ‘sold’ on the new design, and the quality control folks were in such a tizzy to get the product out the door, I don’t think it would have mattered if the screen fell out after you used it for an hour, they would have still had the launch.

Here is a link to Whoopi’s rant.


And an even more interesting site is one that shows weird ways people have destroyed the I Phone – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/30/apple-iphone-4-the-weirde_n_629406.html

My favorite is the microwave.. but then you would have had to buy a new phone and a new microwave.

Enjoy your weekend.

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New X-box is hands off

Cagayan de Oro Kayaking and Rafting.
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Saw a pretty nice click on GMA this morning. They were showing off the new xbox which should be available in November. It uses a completely hands off controller. You move and your character in the game moves with you. You jump, your character jumped. The lady that was showing off the system was playing a game in which you were controlling a raft. It looked pretty neat. Some more details about it can be found at the following url –


Hopefully they will release some nice games that utilize the technology.

Have a wonderful Monday.

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