Kickstarter and Play Next

Another game that was Kickstarter funded has fallen by the wayside. Some of the details can be found here –

I think Kickstarter is a unique way for game companies to bring games to us, unfortunately as more and more of them fail, it will make the consumer (you and me) more wary of taking the plunge, especially a big plunge. After all it isn’t like going online, buying a game and playing it a few minutes after you’ve hit yur credit card.

I have funded a couple of games, one of them Camelot Unchained and while it has been a tad slow, I have played several of their tests and like what I’m seeing.

Another thing companies have been doing lately is to fund a beta test – and even the alpha. I did this in Archeage, although I had a good time, I really don’t think I got my hundred bucks worth. I guess really I am just wanted to play another game.

So what do you think?

I’ve also been thinking about taking the plunge with Star Citizen, we’ll have to wait and see, I’ve almost scraped together the cash – I told you about how I’m going to spend less this year. Now I don’t want to spend something and then just waste it. I guess we’ll see.

Enjoy your hump day and have a great week.

Eve and what’s up with H1Z1

Hope you had a good weekend. Maybe you even had three days off. I didn’t… have three days off anyway. I did get a chance to play some Eve on Saturday. I haven’t played my main character yet (the one with the most points). I’ve been doing the tutorials with one of my lower characters just to get back into the groove of things. I’m still in the newbie zone and there hasn’t been too many folks around, which has surprised me a bit.

There has been a big, I don’t know what the correct word is, maybe its an outcry about the game H1Z1. Apparently the devs must have forgotten something they said, and it ended up being in the game anyway. Just a note to any Devs out there, if you say something and more than one of your fans see or watch it, then it has probably been recorded and so you should rmember that, because it is for sure that your fans and critics will definitely remember and give you recordings of it.

I’m not a huge fan of survival games. I guess they give you an adrenaline rush as you skulk around the country side trying to stay hidden so that no one kills you. I did that a lot in the army for real, so guess that might be one of the reasons I don’t like them. Or it could be that I don’t like all of my stuff to go poff and have to start over and over and over again at the very beginning. I think it would be interesting if it had some kind of experience system, like maybe you got to keep one of the itmes you’ve found forever. The game does seem to be interesting and even if you do pay money to buy something (no anyway) it is fair game from all the folks on your server. The air drops do remind me a whole lot of the hunger games. On the streams I’ve watched the folks that called in the drops get the items they’ve paid more maybe 25 percent of the time. I guess its a good thing that they don’t really have to worry too much about money.

By the way if you want some interesting reading, then you might want to check this out –

What do you guys think about it?

Hope you enjoy your week.

An Update

English: Where did my cliff go?
English: Where did my cliff go? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just wanted to give you a quick update. No I haven’t fallen off a cliff; I’ve just been super busy doing my day job. I’m not complaining because that is what pays the bills, keeps the lights on, and allows me to do fun stuff like play games.

My Wife’s computer also died so I’ve been working on getting all of her things back on track. I also bought her Windows 8… which I’ll work on writing a review of sometime in the near future.

One disturbing thing I noticed as I worked on getting her software back up , is that many companies are now letting you “rent” software instead of buying it. A very good example of this is Adobe. Instead of buying one of their suites or individual products you “rent” it. I definitely don’t like this. Does the rent go up after a certain period of time? I’m pretty old school and when I find a program I like I keep it forever… I guess that is definitely one of the reasons why they have changed their business models.

Anyway hope to get a bit of PVP in this afternoon, so enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Bits and Tidbits – League of Legends, Eve, End of Nations, Guild Wars 2

Bread rolls
Bread rolls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This has been one of those weeks when it’s Monday and then it’s almost Friday. Tomorrow I wanted to talk some about Legendaries – so today I wanted to get some news out of the way.

If you like League of Legends (LoL) there is a huge tournament going on over this weekend on Twitch.

You can watch it here –

You can check out the schedule here –

The final End of Nations beta weekend is this weekend. Details can be found here –

If you like Eve Online you may be interested in their upcoming winter expansion. Some details about the expansion can be found here –

I’m really curious about what the even surrounding Halloween. I believe it has something to do with the new entry in the Monthly achievement tracker… you know the one that says ??? I bet we may find out when they patch next week, I hope so but who knows.

Jon Peters talks about diminishing returns.

I like this bit “” I hope this helps to explain why a game like this needs systems such as this to protect its economy. I also hope it gives some insight into our philosophy about botters (BAD) and exploiters (BAD) vs. farmers (GOOD). Thanks for your support and we will see you in game.””

I found this interesting – what food do you eat in WvW –

I like Omnomberry bread … and I just like to say Omnomberry…. kind of rolls off the tongue. Also don’t forget your sharpening stone, although you’ll need to reapply that if you die… so if you’re going against a zerg you may want to not use it.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday that seems like a Monday to me anyway.

The stress test and what’s up for this weekend?

English: Old Bulldozer Too late to call out th...
English: Old Bulldozer Too late to call out the AA! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t believe how fast the stress test went by yesterday. I went straight to Wvw – lagged out like crazy and then got booted out. It was worse than a slide show. It was walk – see nothing – walk – see many enemies – walk – dead. Hopefully they will fix things when it is ready to launch. I said we would get at least a stress test and I think we’ll get another one.

This weekend I won’t have very much time to play much … which is a good thing. Saturday I’ll be helping my Father-In-Law do some work on a bulldozer. I actually enjoy that kind of work. On Sunday I will be doing some work for a client. Again a good thing since that pays the bills.

My daughter joined me for this last beta test – she is a huge PVP fan. I bought her a new rig so next week we’ll be working on getting that setup. Also Raider Z starts another round of beta testing on August 8th. And football season (pre season) will be starting soon and I do love football.

So hopefully I’ll find some things to do between now and the 25th.

Whatever you do this weekend we hope you have a wonderful time.

Tornados, Tera, and a guess about GW2’s 1st beta date

Wow the weekend flew by. Like I mentioned earlier this was a “working” weekend for me and that’s what I did. I did play Firefall for about an hour last night but the ques were moving pretty slow so I stopped.

It was interesting on Saturday I was also monitoring the tornado outbreak since we have some clients that live in Kansas. I was watching the storm chasers on… those guys are definitely crazy. Some were playing it smart and I think some others wanted to get some video of them being actually sucked into a tornado.

Tera has been up to a few things – early character creation (which ends tomorrow at 10am Pacific) is ongoing. It appears they already have a “full” pvp server Valley of the Titans. I figured the first server to be full would be a PVE but I was WRONG.

I like some of the New Launch features they’re adding –

Remember if you pre-ordered you can start on Thursday (3 pm East Coast time).The beta ends Monday evening at midnight. Head start commences on Saturday the 28th.

When do I think the GW2 beta will be.

My guess for the GW2 beta is we’ll have it this weekend.

A couple of reasons –
1. There is a huge GW1 event going on the next weekend.
2. They want to steal some of Tera’s thunder.

Again just a guess and we’ll see if I’m right.

Enjoy your Monday.

What are you playing this weekend?

A plastic yellow bucket.
A plastic yellow bucket. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hope your week has gone well. So what will you be playing this weekend?

I guess that we will be having a really full weekend (next weekend).

I know GW2 keeps telling us the first BWE beta will be next weekend… why? Because there is no love loss between them and Tera. I think in order to mess with them, they will try and interrupt their open beta. You may say I am crazy, and I may be wrong but I guess we’ll wait and see.

There is a beta going on today. A stress test beta. It seems they invited the same folks they have been inviting (and nope not me)… otherwise I would be getting ready instead of writing this. I’m not real sure how those people can test the server… and I do guess that if I only got to play for six hours.

I do know this, next weekend I will be playing a beta, either Tera or GW2… so we will see how it goes.

So this weekend I’m working on wrapping some things up, so my play time will be limited. I’m having trouble getting the SWTOR client to behave. Apparently my system does not like the 1.2 patch… and apparently many of the players aren’t liking it very much either. I usually don’t try to judge things through other people’s eyes… but I may have to this time.

I do plan on playing some Fire Fall, although for some reason there doesn’t seem to be very much q action for the warzones / pvp matches.

So hey what are you playing and are you having FUN?? Hopefully you are. Let us know in the comments. I think I may just work on a complete reinstall for SWTOR, that may work.

And hey speaking of SWTOR, they are giving some incentives for people to come back and continue with their adventures. A free 7 days. A free 30 days for people with a level 50. Complete details of these offers can be found here.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Pax Survival Guide, Path of Exile Beta Keys, Tera No PVP for You, Firefall

Good Morning. Today is going to be a busy day and we have several tidbits you may be interested in.

1. If you’re going to Pax you may be interested in this survival guide from Thrifty Nerds – you can find it here –

2. If you enjoyed Path of Exiles Open beta last weekend you can buy a key for yourself details are here – – you can get a key for 10 bucks.

3. Tera’s Closed beta testing comes to a close, same build – – one thing they also announced there will be NO PVP battlegrounds and we’ll need to wait till summer for them to come out. This is pretty sad for me. So if you want to enjoy PVP then you’ll have to be on a PVP server. Guild vs Guild PVP is pretty fun. But I don’t know if it is enough or not. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Details of that news can be found here –

4. Fire Falls NDA drops today. I hope to make at least one video to put up today. We’ll see how that goes.


Been a busy week or so – hopefully things will slow down. I have been playing Final Fantasy when I get a chance though and hopefully this weekend or on Monday I’ll have a list of nice tips for you to check out.

Till then take care.