Comic Con 2011 News

Hope you are enjoying your Summer. Comic Con 2011 started on Thursday. In case you’re wanting to check up on the latest news we thought we would provide you with some useful links.

The Comic Con site –

A good link from Google for general news – you may want to be a bit more specific for the time frame you’re looking for. I found some news that was from 2010.

G4TV is all about Comic Con… in fact it has taken over their whole home page / site.

We hope you have a great weekend.

Comic Con 2010 Coverage

San Diego Comic-Con International
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Comic Con 2010 started yesterday and is running thru the 25th. You can find complete details of the conference at the following url –

This is a useful page if you’re looking for the schedule for upcoming events with Comic Con

Checked around the internet and here is a list of the best sites with Comic Con coverage – enjoy.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Facebook – does a huge piece of the pie go to someone else?

This is icon for social networking website. Th...
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Read something interesting this morning about Facebook and it’s founder. I’m sure that you’ve heard about the man that is suing him for more than 50 percent of his company. Apparently the contract and signatures are correct… but I believe the same thing that the article says… where have you been during the time that Facebook has been exploding, and why show up now (unless it’s for the big payday) – here’s an excerpt from the article.

At the center of Ceglia’s claim is a two-page “work for hire” contract bearing the names of both men.

Facebook attorney Lisa Simpson acknowledged on Tuesday that Zuckerberg and Ceglia had worked together on the street-mapping website but said the contract submitted by Ceglia was full of “inconsistencies, undefined terms and things that don’t make sense.”

“We have serious questions about the authenticity of this contract,” Simpson told U.S. District Judge Richard Arcara. “What the contract asserts is there is a relationship about Facebook and there isn’t one.”

Ceglia’s complaint was filed in state Supreme Court in Allegany County on June 30 and transferred to federal court at Facebook’s request. A state judge’s temporary order restraining Facebook from transferring assets was frozen by the federal judge last week. Both sides agreed Tuesday to let it expire July 23.

You can read the complete article here –

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Kingdom Heroes is in Closed Beta – Flash Forward goes out with a bang

Lost cookie detail
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Kingdom Heroes has started their Closed Beta. It is a free to play, cash shop game. Looks interesting, especially the siege wars and battles on ships. Of course as we all know anyone can make something sound good with pretty pictures, but the actual proof is in the game play. Details about the Closed Beta and how to sign up / where to download the game can be found at –

I watched Flash Forward this morning on HULU. I must say that if the episode had been just the season finale then that would have been an awesome episode. Since it was a series finale, it really stunk… many questions left to answer.  They did close up some of the loose ends (which is always good), but at the same time they opened up a whole new can of worms… it would be great if they had one ‘special’ or something that wrapped everything up… or maybe another network could take up the slack. There are already several campaigns going on to try and save it… will they work, only time will tell. I really can’t understand why some shows were renewed (that stunk), and others get the cut.

Two other shows “Lost” and “24” also so their end this week. 24 I liked and I know why they cliff hanged it… after all they want us to go watch the movie. But Lost, while the episode grew on me it still left a whole lot of things unanswered.

Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend.

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Snow – Chuck – Star Trek Online – CES

Hope you are enjoying your Tuesday. Every now and then we like to give you a glimpse into our lives and these post will ramble quite a bit.

It has snowed here every day since last Monday – not a lot but enough to keep the ground covered. It is supposed to warm up this week, which is good news for us and Florida as well. Maybe Orange Juice won’t be $20 / gallon. I like weather and from all the long range forcasts it does look like that winter will return in full force by the end of the month. My daughter loves being out of school, but then always complain when they have to go to school in June (after starting the year early in August).

The logo used by the Chuck TV series
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I love Chuck the tv show. Somehow I missed the fact that it was on Sunday. I did watch the episode last night and now been watching episodes on Hulu to get caught up. That is something that I never did before. During football season I tuned into to watch games that weren’t available on my cable. I think one day you will be able to watch tv when and how you want. Episodes will be available in blocks (say 4 or 5) of episodes at one time. You’ll be able to either pay for them or watch the advertising. I think they will test (or should test) how big those blocks are.

Star Trek Online’s beta is now going full speed ahead… haven’t had a chance to check things out very much since my daughter has been off from school and she is a Warhammer nut. I must say thought that I love the PVP when you can find it, so not too many complaints from me. For Star Trek you can go to fileplanet and should have no trouble getting a beta key.

Consumer Electronics Show
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CES finished up and unless you live in a cave you’ve heard at least some coverage on it. Seems like it is all about the 3d television. I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to watch tv wearing 3d glasses. You can find a pretty good summary of lots of things CES from this url –

Hope you have a great day (and find some time to play).

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