Toys from the NYC Toy Fair 2015

I love toys, I was watching a segment on CBS this morning and saw some coverage from the toy show that is going on at the New York City toy fair – you can find their coverage here –

I was curious about the Anki products they were talking about, so I did a bit of research… the cars looked pretty cool.

Here are the cars they were talking about in the segment.

I like the idea that you control them with your phone, I also like you can be in competion with other ‘commanders’. I might have to put this on my wish list for next year.

Their new product is apparently coming Sept. 2015.

What games do you like that are coming out?

By the way – I received an invitation to Wild Star for some days of free play. I logged in, bought some game time (I had like 50 plat) – been too busy around here to bash much (we had a snowstorm) but hope to put up some notes next week.

Stay safe.

Review of the Kinect for the X-Box

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This past Thursday we got the Kinect. If you’re planning on getting one for Christmas then you will definitely want to start looking now. We went to about 5 or 6 stores until we found one.. and they had just gotten a shipment in. If you’re having trouble finding one that is one thing you can ask stores that you’re visiting, when will they get their next shipment in. One thing I would recommend you not doing is buying one from Ebay – I saw them in the $180 / $190 range without shipping.  Also be careful if you’re shopping at Amazon, just the Kinect is not on sale (as of when I wrote this), but some of their resalers have it for $205. The ‘normal’ retail price is about $150.00.

So we got it home and it took about 5 minutes to set up. We have the old X-box so we followed the instructions. Plugged it in, plugged in the kinect and then it downloaded a software patch (from the game that was included) so don’t worry if you don’t have a wifi connection. It then went thru about 5 minutes or so of calibration.

We also got a few of the different games with it. The one that was included – Dance Central and a ‘fitness’ game. My daughter favorite was the Dance Central and she has played it every day (which is always a good clue that she likes it). One of the coolest things is when it videos her doing some of her dance moves and plays it back in a sped up format.

The Kinect so far has worked really well, so I can definitely recommend it.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

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Lego the most popular toy ever?

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I thought this was interesting… according to a recent survey the Lego is the most popular toy ever. I will be the first to admit that I have a box of legos in my closet… actually several of them. I also had a lot of fun playing with them when my daughter was younger… and she enjoyed it to. But I’m not sure that I would say that it was the most popular toy ever.

I mean ever is a long time… and there has been a whole lot of different toys between now and then. What are your favorite toys (or were your favorite), tell us in the comments below. You can read the whole story about the survey at this link –

Enjoy your Weds.

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Some Videos from the Toy Fair

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We’re still looking to compile some of our picks from the international toy fair – till then I thought we would highlight some of the videos from You Tube

Tree Town Toys visits the American International Toy Fair, 2010 – Part I

Toymakers Go Green and Cheap at Big NY Fair

Hasbro Presentation Part 5

New York Toy Fair 2010 Hasbro Star Wars AT-AT Presentation

Toy Fair Web Exclusive

Toy Fair 2010: Mattel MOTUC

Toy Fair 2010 Sneak Peek

Enjoy your day.

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American International Toy Fair is in full swing

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The American International Toy Fair is now in full swing. The show runs from last Friday to Weds. Early report are saying that more orders are being taken than last year, which is good news… especially for the smaller toy guys.

You can find out much more about the show at the following link – click me.

You can watch some video from the show here. I especially like the video on the four A’s of toys. Seems like that many of the toys are Active, Accessible (be able to use it anywhere and anytime) Affordable (under 25 bucks) and Aspirational (think green toys).

We’ll work on trying to find some of our favorites from the Toy show and provide them to you this week. Have a wonderful monday.

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