Black Desert Closed Beta Dates

Great news last week. Black Desert has finally given us the dates for Closed Beta

Those dates are which will begin Wednesday, December 16th at 7:00 a.m. UTC and end on Tuesday, December 22nd, at the same time. If you’re like me and don’t have a clue what UTC is where you live – 7am is 2am EST (oooo) – you can check out your time here –, that is a little early even for me, but now is the time to get all the things done. I am excited.  These changed, they had started out a day later and ended a day sooner. There are also a few things that people had been asking for that they have decided to include. These are: Tamer will be included. The night is darker. Some more questions were answered if you browse around the forums.

More bits here –

So if you haven’t signed up yet (you’ll need the $100 pack) to be included in the first Beta. Now is the time to do that. You can do so here –

Blade and Soul

I played during this phase of the beta testing. I played a different character, just to see how things were. I played an assassin. The last beta test I was having a hard time getting the weapon piece I needed to drop (you can’t trade for it, can’t buy it – which I think is dumb). On the sin I managed to get it after about 5 runs or so. Currently I’m level 22, I did play some, although I like football too, so I was watching that quite a bit over the weekend.

I still don’t understand all the items you receive, but I still think it is a bit pay to win. If I had one of the keys for instance, instead of running the dungeon 20 times, I could have ran it once. The dungeon itself doesn’t give very much experience. Most of the normal mobs give you one (yep 1) experience point per kill. The other bosses give you a bit more, but I ran the dungeon at least ten times without leveling. The dungeon is quick, fifteen minutes to a half hour if you’re really slow… still. There could be a way to get the key without getting lucky, so I do need to look for it when I have the time.

On a side note, another game I’ve been playing between all of the beta testing is Tree of Savior. Again a totally different type of game, I’ll talk some about that next week. Till then I hope you have an awesome week!

Guild Wars 2 – World Completion

I have been playing GW2, still doing at least a couple of hours of WvW each evening and when I’m not doing that I’m working on world completion with my Charr, who is currently at 90%, my other character is on about 50% I think.

They will be tweaking things a bit, the main thing will be that you will no longer have to visit all the places in the WvW maps to complete your maps.

The way I’ve been doing it is to go to a map I haven’t done and then just patrol around until we get the map finished. If I run into something that I get stuck on, then I do a Google search and normally I can find what I’ve been missing.

I wish they would put up the beta thing again, I really enjoyed that.

Some good general tips –

Wildstar playing with Attunement

I wanted to give you a quick update on my attunement progression. I maxed out on my elder gems last week, then got enough for my attunement gem (150) yesterday. Now I’m working on doing the flame elemental quest, then the big part will be getting to 32k Rep with the Dominion. The easiest way to do this is by working on daily quests, which fortunately even if you leveled up mostly with PVP (like I did) you should have less than a week before you will be at the 32k rep.

If you do all of the quests in both areas I have consistently gotten 2k rep. I know it’s boring and there other ways you can get rep (doing dungeons and adventures), but it only takes an hour or so to do all of the quests and you should be doing them anyway.

The plan this weekend is to finish the rep and then move onto the next stage (the adventures). Below are some links to some good guides that I’ve found online and I hope you find them useful as well.

Siege of Tempest Refuge

Crimelords of Whitevale

Malgrave Trail

War of the Wilds

Early next week I’ll tell you how I did over the weekend and also talk some about the upcoming update, which is all about the pvp.

Enjoy your weekend.

ArcheAge Pay to Play and My early impressions

First our thoughts and prayers go out to those who experienced severe weather over the last few days. We had a few thunderstorms and a tornado warning, but only had some minor damage (limbs down, things like that).

I did it, took the bait and bought the beta for Archeage. I didn’t want to, but Elder Scrolls was really not turning out to be something I enjoyed playing. I usually play a game for a bit longer, if I’m even not enjoying it, but one of the facets which I enjoy the most, PVP, I wasn’t able to access. I have heard that it takes some time to load up, but I would wait for an hour and there would be nothing but the loading screen. So I need something to hold me till Wildstar comes out, so I thought I would hopefully get my money’s worth between now and the beginning of June.

Speaking of Wildstar, I did enjoy the beta weekend, although for some reason it seems my weekends are filled mostly with family things. I did get to enjoy a few hours of Beta on Friday and Sunday. Saturday I had a road trip with my daughter (she was in a play) and Sunday, much of the day was spent in a JackAThon. Over the past couple of months we’ve watched all the 24 seasons, from the first. We just finished season six and started on 7. I don’t think we’ll be able to finish by the time the new one comes out, but it has been a lot of fun.

So even though I bought Archeage on Thursday, I think it was anyway, the first day that it was available, I played a couple of minutes on Friday but didn’t really play it till last night. So far here are some things I like about ArcheAge

Movement is easy. One thing I noticed almost immediately, it’s easy to move around to do your quests. A reminder I’m still in the early levels, I think I made it to level ten, and you have an awesome sprint and I have a horse now. The horse quest was very cool as you had to grow it from a tiny foal into something that you can ride. It also levels with you, I think my horse has made it to level 9.

Combat is pretty smooth, not quite as smooth as Wildstar but several steps up from the clunky combat of ESO.

Quests seem to work. Of course they should, the game has already been out in Korea for awhile. It was just refreshing to not have to hold my breath to see if the quest I’m attempting will work or not.

Next time I’ll give you a list of some things I don’t  like. Till then, stay safe.

New Years News

English: The Xbox "S" controller.
English: The Xbox "S" controller. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Years. I hope you got all the new games and gadgets that you wanted. For once my daughter didn’t want either the new Xbox or Playstation, so didn’t get either of them. If you have one (or both) let me know what you think about them, if you have both I would like to know which one you like better.

Wildstar had been on vacation so there hasn’t been very much news around about anything. A few streamers are still streaming, next week I’ll be doing some research, from the streams. Especially when it has to do with PVP. I’ve seen the map that most of the streamers have been using, what I would be interested in knowing is what different servers there will be. I know the current server isn’t PVP, although you can flag your self if you want to. It would be interesting to find out what would happen with a PVP server.

Also there hasn’t been very much mention about War Plots, not sure what those are, so we’ll try to find out about those to. If you have any burning questions relating to PVP let us know in the comments below. You can also find us on:



Google Plus

I love football and this is a big football weekend. I hope whatever you’re doing, your weekend will awesome.

Till next week, take care.

What will keep me busy till August 25th?

Torn sunset.
Torn sunset. (Photo credit: nick kulas)

I need your help… I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to play (to help pass the time) between now and when Guild Wars 2 releases on August 25th. I still think we’re going to have some more beta time, even though they haven’t really announced it yet. I think they want to test WvW again just to make sure they have everything cool for launch… not sure when that would be, and again that is only a guess. We’ll see if I’m right.

I had been playing The Secret World – but I haven’t really gotten into that very much. PVP is fun but I’m on the side that is always outnumbered, which is fine… but 10 to 1 isn’t much fun. So I think I’m going to can that account.

One good thing is Raider Z is going into another beta test on August 8th… I played during the Alpha and had some fun, so I guess I will play that again so now we only need something to play until the 8th.

By the way I have a couple of extra keys for Raider Z – just ask in the chat – first come first served.

Today thru the 29th Rift is having a free all level weekend.

I think that’s probably what I’ll be doing this weekend. I just need to find something to do the weekend after that… so what will you be doing.

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Torchlight 2 – Beta testing and thoughts

Torchlight II
Torchlight II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So this weekend I participated in the Beta test for Torchlight 2. I actually had a pretty good time. I played a bit on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I played the Berserker and the Engineer and got them both up to level 21 – which I think was the max level for this test. I also completed the story for both of them, I think this was act 1.

The game was actually fun. The gameplay was similar to Path of Exile – although in comparing the two I think I liked Torchlight 2 better. Instead of just visiting dark places you also got to explore the world and most of the dungeons were different. I also loved the way TL did their inventory. I really hate those inventories where items of different sizes take different amounts of space and you end up trying to work a jigsaw puzzle just to try to fit something into your pack. That isn’t the case with TL – all your inventory takes up a specific amount of space. Also if you get into a crunch you can send your pet back to town – they can sell your things and also buy you potions etc. You can also use your pets inventory to haul stuff around for you… so unlike in other games it seemed I had enough space.

I also enjoyed exploring the dungeons around the map. There seemed to be at least one or two in each zone. They were a but different. I think during my adventures I found 10 or so of the epic items (usually for a class I wasn’t working on). The loot was varied. To equip it you either had to have reached a certain level or have certain stats. Unfortunately some of the best items I got I couldn’t use because I wasn’t level 25 or 30.

The skill trees worked well. I didn’t get to play around with them very much, but they did seem to be focused on certain abilities. I did enjoy the engineers AOE abilities.

I did enjoy the game and if they have another beta I will definitely be playing it. Make sure you stop by tomorrow and we’ll talk more about the ‘patch notes for Guild Wars 2′.


Guild Wars 2 PVP questions answered on Reddit

English: Picture of Guild Wars 2 Français : Im...
Image via Wikipedia

This continues our looking into some of the questions answered on the Reddit conversation.

Is it actually viable to level up by only participating in WvW or will it be significantly slower compared to PvE? Do we need to leave the Mists to complete skill challenges to unlock utility skills and traits?

[[ a good question, can you level up just doing WvW]]

Answer – Our goal is for the rate of XP, and loot gain to be similar in WvW and PvE. It will never be exactly the same but it should be close enough that you don’t feel disadvantaged by playing one vs the other. Yes, you can progress any aspects of your character through WvW.

We are aiming for pve and wvw advancement to be paced somewhat similarly. We definitely do not want there to be a place that is more efficient to level in as that obviously would negatively impact the other areas of the game.

I dont believe you will get ‘boss’ gear, as most of that is specific to the boss. We are aiming for WvW to function much like PvE. You will be able to gather and craft. Rewards for WvW where not balanced prior to our recent test. This is why rewards seemed slim, to none.

[[[ of note from those answers. If you watched videos from the recent Guild Wars 2 beta test, you may have noticed that folks were not getting very much experience or loot from their endeavors, this will be tweaked, since they hadn’t really worked on it. ]]

Will you guys test WxW during every march/april beta weekend?

Yes [[ excellent ]]

Does WvW have any systems in place to deal with the leaching in PvP that occurs in other games?

Our event system is being used all over wvw and if you don’t do something that counts towards that event you dont get any rewards for it. We have idle timeouts so anyone just afking will eventually get booted, i dont know what the length of that timer is though.

will the game engine be able to support hundreds of players in the same area?

We’ve had hundreds of players in the same area already, and even as we speak our programmers are hard at work on making that experience even better!

Guild Wars 2 – RvR Discussion with the Devs [summary]

Image representing Reddit as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

Guild Wars is having a great discussion over on Reddit – we’ll have some more of these later. This weekend we’ll be participating in the beta and that starts in a few minutes. Just want to see how it goes, how things are.

Arena Net Q and A on Reddit –

Summary –

–>will the game engine be able to support hundreds of players in the same area?
A – > Yes already had hundreds in an area.

–>We all saw that enemy players are currently listed as generic invaders, and some are turned off by that. Will there be a toggle option for showing our name if we want to?
A – > Short answer no – a paragraph or two on the page. “It’s not about taking names, it’s about taking back that tower and claiming it for your guild so it can wave your flag right in the enemies face!”

–> Can we start playing WvW immediately, or do we have to be a certain level?

Is the difference in levels noticeable?

Do we get exp/loot from WvW?

A – >You can play WvW as soon as you leave the tutorial section. You will gain exp and loot during wvw so you can level up in WvW all the way to 80. The level difference is noticeable as higher level folks have more skills and better gear, but we’ve been working hard ot make ot so even a lower level person can contribute and not get instantly killed by higher level folks.

Comment – sounds good. This I think will need a little tweaking because while having a new person join the area, having them kill a level 80 would be baad.

–>welcome Mike. Could you please explain what a “Squad” is?
A – >Squads are a way for larger groups of people to band together for a common goal. Squads are led by a commander, and that commander has the ability to talk to everyone in their squad in a chat channel that only the commander can talk in. Commanders can also place waypoints on the map that are viewable by all of their squad members. These waypoints tell the squad to do things like’ attack here’, ‘regroup here’, and ‘bring supply here’. Squads are extremely useful in WvW, but they are also useable in PvE and are the perfect thing for taking down our epic world bosses.

Awesome way to communicate.

–>A few questions about leaderboards:

How does the WvW leaderboard work?
Is it cumulative for the 2 weeks?
Does it only show players that are currently active?
How are players rewarded for outstanding contributions, like being first in damage? (e.g., title, HoF)

A – >If by leaderboard you mean the scoreboard, it is updated every few minutes and it is cumulative for the 2 week battle. Scores reset every two weeks and the scoreboard is visible anywhere in the game. We will have some WvW achievements, but we aren’t quite ready to reveal those yet :)