Guild Wars 2 PVP – Gamescom 2011

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. I watched a ton of coverage from Gamescom 2011. Some good stuff. I mentioned last time some questions I had about how everything was going to work. I did get some of my questions answered and they are outlined below.

There will be two different types of pvp – they are still working on the ‘core’ aspects of pvp and will show things ‘when they are ready’. That must of been in some kind of script because they said it over and over again.

They showcased the 5 v 5 matches at Gamescom. There will be two ways you can join these matches when it goes live. The ‘hot’ join when you join a match already in progress and you can stay until you get tired. The tournament match when you get five people on the team, do the match and then the match is over you can do another tournament match. I watched both of these types of matches and they are pretty similar except the one can last past the 500 points limit.

The other type which they only talked briefly about but it will be in is the RvRvR – this will be three servers against each other on a huge pvp map. Not much else is known about it and I guess at this stage it is hard to get 100 people or so in at the same time. I guess they will be testing this further during the beta testing of the game.

There will be some type of rewards for pvp – but they are currently working on the core system… see above. We do know there will probably be siege equipment since that is already in many places all over the world. I only hope they do this right. 3 groups always makes for some interesting pvp. Will these 3 always be random (I hope) or will it be you against the same other 2 over and over again. Random would mean a fresh battle every time. It is easy to learn an opponent after only a few matches unless they are good at switching things up. Also I’m curious about how long will it be… a set amount of time, ongoing for every… I guess we will learn about all of these things later.

It’s hard to judge how things are going to be in the pvp system since most of the matches people were still learning the skills and how the scenario mechanics worked and how there characters could be played.

There will be some type of reward system for pvp but again not much details about exactly what you will get.

Here is the best link I could find which is a huge compilation of videos, interviews etc… an excellent resource if you missed anything over the weekend.

Again not much a hint of when it will be released. I think it’s really just in the Alpha testing phase at this time so who knows when they will start the closed beta. I don’t really think it will be this year but you can’t ever tell.

Rift also had some good news for you Rifters and we’ll talk some about that later.