Rift 1.5 patch, Guild Wars 2 PVP – WvWvW

Hope you have had a good week – hey it’s almost the weekend.

Rift’s big patch came out and I did play it a bit. The new leveling system looks pretty good but it will take a long time to make very much progress at all.

Guild Wars 2 – wow I really do want this game to hurry up already. I saw an excellent interview on Eurogamer that gives quite a bit of information about the WvWvW pvp. Apparently in this style of pvp you’ll get access to it almost from the beginning. It pits your world against two others. The battle lasts for 2 weeks. The winner gets buffs for their whole world. After the two weeks again battle starts. You aren’t buffed (ie you have your same gear), you can get new gear, level up, etc in the Wv. This sounds like it will be really fun. The other thing about it is in order to test this they’ll need more warm bodies. I would be a willing tester… just saying.

The Eurogamer article also had a couple of video clips. You can read the entire article and view the clips here – http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-09-27-guild-wars-2-preview

Enjoy your weekend.