Rift – PVP Changes – Preview of some 1.5 changes

One thing I can say about Rift is they provide you with some new stuff to do almost every month.

One of the big changes they made to the game recently was a change to PVP. ┬áBefore the change you were given a stat that allowed you to decimate folks the higher rank you were. Now they have leveled that off quite a bit (now ranks 1 – 8) have the same base for this stat. You can get a few additional stat items which you can get during your normal pvp rep grind. They also … the only word I can think of is nerfed some other items so they weren’t so good in PVP.

I guess someone complained that some of the best in slot items (BIS) were from PVP. BIS for the end raid content. Now the PvPers are angry, the End raid folks that did the pvp to get the items are angry to. Unfortunately angry customers usually lead to lost revenue for gaming companies. Of course they may be the minority (only more vocal).

In my PVP adventures I’ve made it to rank 5 and I couldn’t really tell much of a difference. Again I just played a few warfronts yesterday and maybe I haven’t gotten a ‘feel’ for them yet. I did hear someone mention that healers were doing much better than they were before. Need to do some more testing and that will be what we’ll be doing this weekend. Also this weekend there will be new PVP map adjustments similar to the whitefall map. It’s really pretty funny after the weekend the first whitefall warfront on Monday I’m trying to do the same thing… along with a bunch of other folks too.

It will be fun to test these new map mods – I’ll tell you what I think of them next week.

On the horizon is 1.5 which will bring another number of changes. One of the more interesting one’s is the ability to go solo into Hammer… although I have no ‘raid’ gear it will be interesting just to see how I do. You can get a sneak peek of the instance (two videos) at the following url –


I hope you have a 3 day weekend and find some time to play…. see you next week.