Rift Water Series Quest for the New Mount, New patch rolls out

Rift in Island
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Rift has a new patch 1.4 I think it is called. It includes a bunch of new things, although it is primarily focused on PVP. The major change with PVP (in my opinion) is the change of how gear works. Now you’ll need favor as well as the previous gear in order to upgrade things. From some early testing it also seems that you get more favor etc. while doing the war fronts. I’m not real sure about that so some further testing is needed.

PVP rifts are also included. The group that opens the rift must take shards a short distance from the rift. The opposing team must come in and kill the elements that compose the rift. The setup is pretty good. If the fight isn’t lopsided. On our server some times it is and other times it isn’t. If you’re on the underdogs side, you can still get some loot from the rift if you attack one of the opposing players. Of course you will die a pretty swift death. I actually got some nicer loot from doing that, than actually killing a rift the other side had opened. That could have been the unlucky roll of the dice (RNG).

There is also a new quest series (epic) when you complete it you get a mount that is a crocodile. Some details on how to complete that quest series can be found here.

Some additional recipes are available for the crafters. The recipes themselves are pretty expensive, so just make sure you check the prices before you buy them. Most of the items recall items that are done with cool downs, so you can expect people selling their cool down to you. If you craft carefully though I think you’ll be able to make some decent money doing this, and if you aren’t careful you’ll go broke.

Weekends will also be offering a different version of one of the war fronts with increased favor etc. Hope it goes well and I’ll let you know more about it next week. Till then enjoy your weekend.