Rifts Birthday – got cake but no pie

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Rift is going all out over the next few days in their 1/2 year birthday party. I joined in the fun yesterday and you’ll get extra goodies no matter what style of game you love to play. For example in pvp you’ll get extra experience (if you’re below 50), extra favor, and extra prestige if you’re above 50. I think one of the big reasons they’re doing the rift party is to get folks that have left to come back and to introduce new people to the game.

The server I bash on did some to have some more traffic than usual. I guess we’ll see how it truly impacted things more this weekend, since many people are returning to school and college.

One thing I can’t really understand with Rift is the auction house (I know this is from left field).  On one of my characters I’m an outfitter. It costs me more to buy ingredients to make the new recipes that recently came out than the people are selling the item for on the auction house. Now I do understand that you can get the ingredients other ways, but come on it looks like they would at least sell it for more. Dunno what’s up with that, kind of makes me want to ditch crafting for a bit. If you’re thinking about crafting I would suggest you do the jewelry maker – they seem to always be able to sell their finished products for a nice price.

Rift has a nice writeup on their website with complete details about the party.


Oh by the way… there is cake but no pie… I need me some pie.