Star Wars The Old Republic’s beta news 1

Ord Mantell
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The flood gates have been opened for Star Wars The Old Republic’s beta news. They have lifted the SWTOR for certain ‘news’ sites. Apparently these outlets had to sign off another agreement – they can only talk about certain aspects of the game, only use screenshots provided by BioWare. I can tell you that I am a proud member of the beta… I cannot tell you anything besides that. But there are a lot of news posts and hey – you want news. I’ll work on the next several days to bring you links / tidbits for what other people wrote. I’ll also give you a link so you can check out there whole post.

We’ll work on getting as much of them to you as we can. If you happen to see some additional ones that we miss – you can tell us about it using the comments section. Remember though these folks were only allowed to talk about certain aspects of the game. I think they involved / centered mostly around the starting areas. The first two planets.

One thing I think is pretty funny – the lifted this DNA and BlizzCon starts today. But… do you really think that could be one of the reasons we have all this new content coming out.

One thing we’ll do one today (I’ll explain why at a later date) but will have more for you this weekend.

Jef played a Republic Trooper and stared on the planet of Ord Mantell. When you get off Ord Mantell you go to Coruscant. He thinks that TOR isn’t half bad. As we’ve all heard tons of cash has been invested in the Story of Star Wars TOR – and apparently Jef didn’t like it very much. In fact he doesn’t like the story at all. He also thinks that it is more of a one player RPG than an MMO. He also has some complaints about the linear story line.

I would just like to say this – most of the MMO’s that you play (and I’ve played most of them since UO), have a linear story line to start. In fact most have certain areas you explore at certain times of the game. When you’re level 5 you don’t go and try to kill things in a level 30 zone… that’s how games are made… anyway. Make sure you read all of Jef’s article… I respectfuly disagree. We’ll check out some more tomorrow.