Guild Wars 2 – Fun

I’m enjoying Guild Wars 2. I did quite a bit when it first came out but I was wondering how well I would like it when I returned. The good thing of course is that the game is free to play.

I’m really enjoying the World PVP. There’s just something about battling for a castle that is a whole lot of fun. Sometimes it has been in a large group and other times it has been with smaller groups.

They made a ton of changes while I was gone. I haven’t really had time to do much research into how all the things have been modified. When I get a chance I’ll make sure to do a bit of research and post the best sites and videos that I find.

I do know one thing that I’ll be doing is working on a legendary. I think I have about 1.5 million Karma, so don’t think I will have too much problem.

I hope you have a wonderful time no matter what you’re playing this week.

Wildstar Nope – Guild Wars 2 Retry

So I told you that I thought about playing Wildstar again. I logged into my account, I had about 50 plat, bought a CREDD – I think is the name of the thing you can use to get free came time. They had migrated servers together so I had to change my name, which was kind of dumb, although now you can have a last name too. I walked around the main city for a bit and there was almost no one there. I had finished all of the quests I had available, one thing I can tell you is that I am pretty much a completionist most of the time. None of the people that had been in my guild were on. I don’t think it was just because of the server merge either. So I promptly logged out.

I have been hearing some rumblings about GW2, it is free, although when I paid it I usually spent about $30 or $40 a month on various things. Even for free games if I like them quite a bit, I don’t mind to spend some money. I really hate games thought when you have to pay to win (even though they say they are free) to me that is just a bit dishonest. I should do a thing one of these days about what I consider Ok to make you pay for in free games. I’m curious as to how long that list would be.

I decided to take the plunge, I logged in installed the game, the expansion will be called this – Heart of Thorns (HOT)

Immediately when I logged in for what seemed like an hour I kept getting these presents – I think they were for achievements that I had done or something similar. Anyway that is the best way I’ve found to welcome someone back in a game. It felt like I was accomplishing something without even having stepped a foot into the world. I also found out that the new expansion also has a new class. So I think at least for a few months I will be good to go and then the expansion should be here. All this won’t cost me any money which was my goal all along.

Here’s my to do list – more as a reminder to me than anything.

Begin / Finish the new stories.
Learn more about the new class.
Prepare for the new class so that I can kick but when it launches.
Find a good guild and enjoy some PVP.

It’s too early for me to tell you the thoughts I’m having about the changes in the game, but I will tell you that next week. Till then stay safe and have a wonderful time.

More information about the expansion can be found here –

Wildstar Attunement Reckt

Happy HuMp DAY! Hope your week is going well.

Wildstar had a stream yesterday and had some updates about the attunement process among other things. If you haven’t gotten to that stage in your Wildstar adventure it is a long process that lets you begin to run the 20 man dungeon. When you run the 20 man dungeons, you’re then working on your attunement for the 40 man dungeon (by collecting tokens).

They have decided that while the attunement worked for the most part (cough) there have been some parts of it that kept more people than expected from experiencing the raids.


No more need to get a silver in dungeons. You will now be able to get a bronze run and you’ll pass the attunement test.

Also you’ll need to collect less tokens than before from 300 to 100.

There has been some crying and wailing after this announcement, personally I think it is fine, hopefully this will bring more people back into the game (both new and folks that have quit in the past).

Some details about this announcement can be found here –

A good review of all the questions and answers –

One other note, they’ll be change the way that runes are in gear (and you will have the ability to change them).

Here is a video replay of the Nexus report –

I’m still playing and also enjoying myself. One thing I love is PVP, so PVP at 50 is now pretty much dead, I hope they will find out some way to revive it. I have some ideas, maybe I should share them. So I have started over (again), this will be my 3rd 50 and as is my policy, since I like to make it harder on myself and also want to play on a server that has more than five people on at a time in the capital city. I have made a new engineer on the most active non pvp server. I think this time I’m going to level exclusively by PVPing, except  I also want to do some crafting (as I go) – money will be hard to come by this time, since they increased the drop rates of most of the things that sale for any money, but I’ve already made it to level 14 so we’ll see how it goes, I LOVE PVP.

Enjoy your day, tell your friends if they left Wildstar because of the attunement.

Almost 50 … Steam Sale and more

Celebrate America
Celebrate America (Photo credit: Mark Willard)

Almost 50. I have about two of the tiny bars left to go, and then I’ll be 50. I already have a big list of things I want to do, so I still should have some fun for a few months to come anyway.

I still have a ton of quests left to do, I’ll be working on those later to. I’ve decided to continue the pvp leveling.

A couple of things I don’t like / wish they would change.

Many of the pieces of armor have imbuements. I’m all for those, but especially with like a level 30 piece of gear, it takes fifty mask returns to cause it to activate. It doesn’t matter if I pvp all of the time, when I had finished that I had already gotten much better pieces of gear (and use I did finish it).

Their customer service sucks. I’ve had a ticket now for well over a week. I understand they are busy, and I’ve been upgraded to the next support level twice, but come on.

PVP has been interesting. While I don’t enjoy getting ganked every now and then it does make the leveling interesting and fun.

No matter what you’re playing this weekend I hope that you have a whole lot of fun.

The steam sale is going on, tons of great games. Sometimes it might take you a while to find a game you like, but be persistent.

One other note, I went to see Edge of Tomorrow on Sunday. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would highly recommend that you go watch it, great movie.

WildStar Update – Level 41 – Engineer Build tips – leveling guides.

English: Store bought cupcakes.
English: Store bought cupcakes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve made it to level 41, also I have hit the max crafting level – just got there, so I haven’t done any recipe finding yet. My goal is by next week to have at least most of those discovered. Also by next Friday I hope to hit 50 and have all of the PVP recipes. I’m on a PVP server so at times leveling can be difficult, I’ve also done all of the quests / questing solo. Why, because it’s harder I guess, and also I just wanted to see if I could do it or not.

I would recommend getting into a group with two or three people and going after it. I am having a wonderful time. The server seems to be a bit smoother and most of the problems I had when I got started have fallen by the wayside.

I’ve found a couple of more useful links to help you with your travels.

Awesome tips to maximize your housing buff – very easy to do.

A good guide for an engineer. Note you’ll find something similar in all of the class specific forums on WildStar –

Here’s a good general leveling guide –

Good luck CuPCaKe !!!

Enjoy your Weekend!!

Wildstar Weekend.

Sunday Morning
Sunday Morning (Photo credit: jspaw)

The weekend is over…boo. I had a good time playing Wildstar. I started a new character on the PVP server, which was also new. I was playing an Esper, which is a class I hadn’t played before. I think in order to get the ‘feel’ of a new class you should at least get up to level 20. I enjoyed the Esper but one thing about them (so far) is you have to spend much of your time stationary, which I didn’t like very much. Also there didn’t seem to be very many folks on the new server so I switched back to Nexus and continued playin on my slasher.

Nexus was packed, I did notice some problems with lag etc. I hope they will fix that in time for launch, maybe have server caps or something. The lag also causes pvp to get messed up, or at least it does for me. When I join a PVP match it kicks me into the ozone layer and I’m still in a group, but not in the match. This also causes my PVP ranking to go down, which is bad, or would be in the future because some weapons etc. require a certain ranking in order to be able to use them.

One other side note, the PVP currency has a max of 5000 – so if you hoard things like me then you’ll want to make sure you spend a bit every now and then or your pvp adventures won’t gain you anymore…which is not a good thing. I also noticed the if you’re in a house you can’t log in bug. Again I think it’s just the server having some jitters every now and then.

I did notice something pretty cool, for every day you log into the beta server you will get 3 boxes of goodies, what will those be, they didn’t really say. But anything free is good, and since I would be loggin in anyway, everything is good.

Now back to work for awhile. On Sunday at 7am ESO launches, unfortunately I will be out of town on Saturday and Sunday, but I should be able to play Sunday afternoon or evening. I’m sure it will be crowded but I’ll just have to deal with it. IMPORTANT – Wildstar never opens early, but ESO has opened early in the past, so I’ll be trying when I get out of bed, usually at 4 or 5 am and then frequently after that just to see if they’re up. Also ESO has a big patch, I haven’t downloaded it yet. They also let some folks in for an impromptu test over the weekend.

Enjoy your week.

ESO – Beta, Thoughts and PVP?

PvP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I didn’t plan on playing Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) beta this past weekend. I had some other stuff I needed to do, in order to eat. But I completed those things early and decided about 9am or so East Coast time to download the beta.


I was pleased and surprised with their download server. I’m not sure how big the d/l was. My folder says 28gb – that is huge if that’s the case. The download only took a couple of hours. My goal was to have it ready to go when they were going to try and break the record at noon. I started the game about a half hour earlier.


I had to sign an NDA and of course I didn’t read it. I will give you a few thoughts though about the game. The server itself seemed to hold up pretty well, I still haven’t been able to find out if they broke the record or not. The interface to me anyway seemed to be clunky, and combat was not very fun. Like most games there were quests at the beginning, and like most newbie zones, there were only a few. I think I made it to level four before I decided to quit. During those four levels I had two skills. Again it didn’t seem like I was fighting anything, it was hard to even tell I was hitting something except for the blood splattering the screen.


The one thing I did really like was picking locks, although I wasn’t very good at it. If the combat was as fun as getting that chest opened up, I would play it.


I’m new to the game to, I know it has some PVP in it. (Looking for something about PVP in ESO).


Tada – there is PVP.


There are three alliances.
Cyrodiil is the zone where the PVP happens.
You can do this after the 10th level.
You get leveled up.


So I guess I will work on leveling my character to level 10 hugh. The beta ends tonight at midnight… so after work today I will have to try it out.


I’ll post some of my thoughts on PVP (if I make it) later this week.



Enjoy your Monday!


WvW is soo much fun in Guild Wars 2

The Garrison, St Marys
The Garrison, St Marys (Photo credit: John Wesley Barker)

Happy Monday – hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I had a good time in WvW over the weekend. It was a very close race until Sunday night, and then I’m not sure if they gave up or went to bed. I haven’t looked at it yet today but last night when I logged we had almost every tower, keep, and supply camp on most of the maps – there was still some back and forth going on in the middle map.

Probably one of the coolest things that happened was when we took the (blank) world Garrison. We took the got through both of the gates with just 8 people. I mentioned before that I love to travel around in really small groups. The key to this is you can only kill guards with a couple of people (otherwise the orange swords will show up), and the other keep has to not be guarding all the entrances.

So Defenders – remember especially if you’re holding the garrison make absolutely sure you’re guarding all the gates. I know it’s a boring job so you’ll want to rotate that job to other folks.

I didn’t get to PvP on Friday night, which is the best day to play if you want to get a ton of experience, karma. I went to a football game which was a lot of fun, since I’m a big football fan.

I’ve gotten to about level 40 on my Guardian using the tips I talked about in a previous post.

Hopefully I’ll make it to 60 or so this week. I am enjoying my guardian. Support roles need to be given some way to get more loot. If all you do is heal, unfortunately you’ll never get loot UNLESS you’re in a group. So if you’re a supporter you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re playing with a group.

Hope you enjoye your weekend.

Leaked Patch Notes Guild Wars 2 – More Notes

English: PVP (Small protected vehicle) Françai...
English: PVP (Small protected vehicle) Français : PVP (Petit véhicule protégé) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some more of our thoughts on the leaked Guild Wars 2 patch notes. You can see the first bit we wrote about here.

I’m pretty sad that their won’t be a beta this weekend, but it is also a good thing they are getting some new hardware. I think probably we’ll see another stress test before we see another beta, but that’s just a guess.


  • Iconics have 1% of the normal hate
  • Fl 1 should now open the options menu
  • If a player goes from alive to dead, we now give them a waypoint to port to so they can resurrect

The waypoint thing is a good thing. I had heard some folks couldn’t rez because they had no cash. So that is a good change.

  • Input binding:
  • There are now distinct left and right shift keys

All good – the more input keys we can bind the better.

  • Rewards:
  • Map complete rewards are now available
  • If a transformation isn’t allowed to interact with bundles, drop any bundles the character may be holding when transformed (No more flamethrower ooze
  • Map complete doesn’t trigger every time you zone into a map now
  • Gadgets!turrets now have a concept of an “authority”
  • The player that creates the gadget is assigned as that gadget’s authority
  • This basically means that players that place down the Siege blueprints can kick out other players who are in their siege weapons if they want to use them
  • “Move to Target” split into underwater and terrestrial
  • “Move to Target” no longer applicable when downed
  • Only 5 unique combatants can combo with a given combo field1.
  • Characters that aren’t alive don’t return legendary weapon Item Defs
  • Mystic Forge only takes one of each kind of item [F 234559]
  • Traittiersarein
  • Added account bound items
  • Players can no longer redirect to a map if they are already redirecting
  • Added a skill point currency type
  • A shard selection bug has been fixed
  • Input bindings have been implemented
  • Improved how “Fear” works
  • Recharge slows should be slowing for the proper amount now
  • Spawn scaling for low-level events has been adjusted
  • Level 70+ rare items have the potential to salvage out more materials as deemed by special reward tables
  • Auto-attacks no longer continue to attack an unselected target
  • Missiles now fire in the direction of the camera when the player has no target and is holding down the right mouse button (Side note: This is awesome)
  • Players can now queue for multiple maps concurrently
  • The default mouse scroll rate has been changed to 2x
  • Mouse-looking no longer drives a characters movement unless they’re executing an upper body skill
  • Characters can no longer jump if the jump state doesn’t exist
  • The Fear mechanic has been improved
  • Action Char Fear Char
  • Action Skill Fear

Map complete rewards are good. Hopefully they will be useful for your profession. I did get some rewards but I couldn’t use them.
Using a siege weapon you’ve spent cash on is always a good thing. I really hated spending the cash and then not being able to use it. It’s also good that others can use it – but you can kick them out of it if you want to.
Spawn scaling for low level events – a good thing hopefully they’ll change the timers just a wee bit. I was in one area during the beta and we kept getting facerolled (a group of about 10 or so). Just as we killed the last one the whole cave 30-40 mobs would respawn at the same time.
I like the missles firing in the direction you’re looking – hopefully this works for arrows as well. That will be fun to test next time we get a chance.
Fear skill changed – guess this will be good for folks that use it.

  • LFG:
  • More backend implementation
  • Blocked players no longer show up in LFG
  • PvP:
  • Added rank rewards to PvP Ranks
  • Changed from a level to a level range per recent PvP Rank discussions
  • PvpRank has been split from Glory
  • Ranks now define a range of PvP ranks
  • Placeholder awards are going through the reward manager
  • Added support for Glory Boosts
  • Start Auto Tournaments as soon as there are enough rosters ready (and send out a countdown when the match is about to start)
  • Tournament server improvements
  • PvP Lobby waypoint travel is free
  • Added a new reward type for PvP rank up
  • Players with an uOfflinen status can now be invited to tournaments
  • Players are unable to send tournament invites to themselves

Tournaments will be fun. It will be interesting to see how the PVP ranks / glory work. Will it only be for the structured PVP (don’t think so because you get glory in WvW too).
Rewards are always a good thing.

  • WvW:
  • Cannons now display red targeting circles to the enemy
  • Game ending has been smoothed out
  • Players receive a warning message and are redirected (configurable in content)
  • The score dialog now displays a message telling the player their team’s final position
  • Gadgets now report their WvW team
  • Gadgets can now insert their shard names into their name if they know their WvW team
  • WvW travel is free
  • Clicking “Go to WvW” will close the score dialog now (by design)
  • Squad members may now speak into the squad channel
  • Removed /.sq dev command
  • Added /squadjoin and /squadleave client commands
  • Commanders are now named “Commander <Playername>’
  • Players are no longer able to log back in to WvW maps
  • Implemented /squadinfo and /supplyinfo

Free travel will help some with the cash flow.
Red Circles are important – especially if you’re using them to gauge when you are ready to dodge.
Being able to speak to your squad is pretty important.
Love all the new commands. I think it will make things go smoother and even more fun.

  • Mystic Forge:
  • Polish
  • Added click and drag of slotted materials
  • Added flames’
  • Added a quantity check for ingredients that require a certain item count before we request to forge a new item
  • The Mystic Forge can take consumable subtypes
  • Sparkly polish
  • Now compares are weight class
  • Now uses upgrade component types
  • Added support for a “none” trinket type
  • We hide the ingredient slots while animating then fade them back in when we display the reward dialog
  • Fixed being able to match item subtypes correctly if set to “any

Didn’t really use the Mystic Forge but all sounds good – especially the “”sparkly polish”” – they mentioned it twice so I bet it really shines now.

  • Ranger:
  • Pets can no longer be swapped out to instantly come back to life

I played a ranger up to level 25 or so… not sure what I think about the pet swapping. There was already a cooldown. Did they make the cooldown longer – do you now have to be out of combat to swap pets. I’m not sure so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

We should have more of our thoughts tomorrow. Till then enjoy your week.

Tera First Impressions from the Beta

I got a beta invite from Zam for the Tera beta that happened this past weekend. Some things went well and some didn’t.

I downloaded the game over about two days. The downloader / patcher seemed a little borked. The download would fluctuate pretty wildly. The install went pretty smoothly.

I started the game about 5 minutes after the beta started and got in without a hitch. I played all afternoon into the evening on Friday. Then started again on Saturday… for about all day. On Sunday for whatever reason my client wouldn’t start or even patch properly. I spent probably 4 hours on Sunday afternoon trying to get it to work and it didn’t. I still don’t know what was going on. Mysteriously today it is working again. It wouldn’t even let me click on the play or the repair button yesterday.

I played a Popori Archer till about level 15 or so, then a human Ranger till 10 or so. I enjoyed the starter zone. It had enough quests to get to level 10+ without feeling grindy. The graphics were beautiful. The gameplay was a bit different, but it was easy to get used to. I of course rolled on a PVP server. When I got to the second land I leveled mostly Saturday morning in peace. Saturday afternoon was a different story as The PVP-Pkers were out in full force. In fact they controlled bridges in and out of a town. I tried to get some type of resistance going but failed pretty miserably since they were level 25+ and there were 20 or so of them. I also tried to change the zone instance I was in, but the same thing happened on those zones as well. Since I actually wanted to play the game, I created a Human ranger on a PVE server.

PVP is pretty borked since you can turn red to PVP at level 11 or so and you can basically kill anyone. No penalty but no reward either. I like to PVP but I like rewards to. There are no early level battle grounds that I know of anyway.

The game was enjoyable when not getting ganked or rolled by 20 people. Quests were pretty standard fair. Will I be playing beta again, probably not. Unless of course I get a free pass, I don’t think I’ll be buying them game.