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Hope you had a good weekend. Mine went by pretty fast. I had totally forgotten that we were having some out of town visitors this weekend (oops), so the weekend did go by pretty fast.

I did get a chance to play Rift. It had been a very long time. I did have a mage character that was level 50 and had maxed out the pvp awards that were available at that time.

It was pretty funny – wished I had frapsed it. I log in and notice that I have mail. What’s the first thing I do? Click on it in order to read it. Duhhh. Guild Wars 2 you have spoiled me. It wasn’t the first time I tried to do something and realized it wasn’t possible in Rift.

I enjoy PVP no matter what game I’m playing. I played their new Warzone / thing they have going on, where three teams fight each other. In fact that is where I spent most of my time. It is a 3 side match up. I found that one side always has the least number of players and unfortunately I was usually on that side. Whoever had the biggest zerg usually won. Picking the third side usually meant that wasn’t me. But again I did has some fun and I think I had about 1000 kills over the weekend. Will I subscribe again.. nope.

Didn’t get a chance to play much else this weekend.. but I still have a few weekends left to do that.

Guild Wars 2 beta, Warrior builds and more

Wow this week flew by pretty quick.

We did learn when the next Guild Wars 2 beta will be – and that will be next weekend.The same time frame as before.They have also been give away Guild Wars 2 beta keys. You can find some info
about the keys –


I think they will have a stress test – maybe early next week. After all they got some new hardware. Or is it even installed yet… guess we’ll have to wait and see. At least the days are going by pretty quick.

A few other notes –

Rift is coming out with an expansion. Details are here –

One of the things I like is the level cap increasing and of course being able to explore a few more continents so I guess we’ll wait and see.

Some other useful links I’ve found –

Some good notes on building a warrior for Guild Wars 2.

If you’ve never seen the game station’s podcast then you may enjoy this episode – and if you do watch / enjoy it then you may fall off your chair laughing.


Not sure what I’ll be playing this weekend I guess we will just have to play it by ear.

What are you playing, do you think there will be a stress test, let us know in the comments below.

Rift – PVP Changes – Preview of some 1.5 changes

One thing I can say about Rift is they provide you with some new stuff to do almost every month.

One of the big changes they made to the game recently was a change to PVP.  Before the change you were given a stat that allowed you to decimate folks the higher rank you were. Now they have leveled that off quite a bit (now ranks 1 – 8) have the same base for this stat. You can get a few additional stat items which you can get during your normal pvp rep grind. They also … the only word I can think of is nerfed some other items so they weren’t so good in PVP.

I guess someone complained that some of the best in slot items (BIS) were from PVP. BIS for the end raid content. Now the PvPers are angry, the End raid folks that did the pvp to get the items are angry to. Unfortunately angry customers usually lead to lost revenue for gaming companies. Of course they may be the minority (only more vocal).

In my PVP adventures I’ve made it to rank 5 and I couldn’t really tell much of a difference. Again I just played a few warfronts yesterday and maybe I haven’t gotten a ‘feel’ for them yet. I did hear someone mention that healers were doing much better than they were before. Need to do some more testing and that will be what we’ll be doing this weekend. Also this weekend there will be new PVP map adjustments similar to the whitefall map. It’s really pretty funny after the weekend the first whitefall warfront on Monday I’m trying to do the same thing… along with a bunch of other folks too.

It will be fun to test these new map mods – I’ll tell you what I think of them next week.

On the horizon is 1.5 which will bring another number of changes. One of the more interesting one’s is the ability to go solo into Hammer… although I have no ‘raid’ gear it will be interesting just to see how I do. You can get a sneak peek of the instance (two videos) at the following url –


I hope you have a 3 day weekend and find some time to play…. see you next week.

Rifts Birthday – got cake but no pie

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Rift is going all out over the next few days in their 1/2 year birthday party. I joined in the fun yesterday and you’ll get extra goodies no matter what style of game you love to play. For example in pvp you’ll get extra experience (if you’re below 50), extra favor, and extra prestige if you’re above 50. I think one of the big reasons they’re doing the rift party is to get folks that have left to come back and to introduce new people to the game.

The server I bash on did some to have some more traffic than usual. I guess we’ll see how it truly impacted things more this weekend, since many people are returning to school and college.

One thing I can’t really understand with Rift is the auction house (I know this is from left field).  On one of my characters I’m an outfitter. It costs me more to buy ingredients to make the new recipes that recently came out than the people are selling the item for on the auction house. Now I do understand that you can get the ingredients other ways, but come on it looks like they would at least sell it for more. Dunno what’s up with that, kind of makes me want to ditch crafting for a bit. If you’re thinking about crafting I would suggest you do the jewelry maker – they seem to always be able to sell their finished products for a nice price.

Rift has a nice writeup on their website with complete details about the party.


Oh by the way… there is cake but no pie… I need me some pie.

Rift Water Series Quest for the New Mount, New patch rolls out

Rift in Island
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Rift has a new patch 1.4 I think it is called. It includes a bunch of new things, although it is primarily focused on PVP. The major change with PVP (in my opinion) is the change of how gear works. Now you’ll need favor as well as the previous gear in order to upgrade things. From some early testing it also seems that you get more favor etc. while doing the war fronts. I’m not real sure about that so some further testing is needed.

PVP rifts are also included. The group that opens the rift must take shards a short distance from the rift. The opposing team must come in and kill the elements that compose the rift. The setup is pretty good. If the fight isn’t lopsided. On our server some times it is and other times it isn’t. If you’re on the underdogs side, you can still get some loot from the rift if you attack one of the opposing players. Of course you will die a pretty swift death. I actually got some nicer loot from doing that, than actually killing a rift the other side had opened. That could have been the unlucky roll of the dice (RNG).

There is also a new quest series (epic) when you complete it you get a mount that is a crocodile. Some details on how to complete that quest series can be found here.

Some additional recipes are available for the crafters. The recipes themselves are pretty expensive, so just make sure you check the prices before you buy them. Most of the items recall items that are done with cool downs, so you can expect people selling their cool down to you. If you craft carefully though I think you’ll be able to make some decent money doing this, and if you aren’t careful you’ll go broke.

Weekends will also be offering a different version of one of the war fronts with increased favor etc. Hope it goes well and I’ll let you know more about it next week. Till then enjoy your weekend.

Post Weekend Wrap up with Rift

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, we’ve finally gotten a bit of time to play Rift and we have reached 40 – note we definitely aren’t rushing and we did a whole lot of PVPing and Crafting as we go along. Again just like taking my time to savor things.  I should have my crafting things maxed out this week or next week. I’ve been doing the dailys since day 1 so we have quite a few of the daily quest rewards. We quest mostly till we hit 38-39ish (except for the pvp daily quest) then pvp the last level, then back to the quests. We have had some fun and after all that should be why you play a game… to enjoy a bit of time away from the ‘real’ world. I don’t know about you but having a goal in mind helps as well.

Enjoy your week.

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Rift – the last Rift Podcast – sniff, sniff

It is a sad day – the Rift Podcast is no more… for now anyway. I’ve listened to them a ton since around the time when the first public beta started. They have decided to cancel it because of health reasons. You can check all the podcasts at this url –


I most definitely will miss them, they were funny at times (in an odd way) but they also gave some good information with many of the different developers. The latest one was a podcast with the director of Rift which you should check out… I just like to hear him talk. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Rift Weekend Wrap Up

Wow what a weekend. For those of you that don’t know Rift had a big event over the weekend. It was phase two and phase three of there River of Souls event – the culmination of the event was the opening of some new content for level 50’s. I do support Rift, but this past weekends event was a mess.

I logged in several hours early. Didn’t want to miss the event and didn’t want to be stuck in a long line at the front door.  The event was supposed to start at 3pm east coast time. They mentioned in chat to check out the forums for some tips. Did that and was good. Then they had a server downtime announced… just for 15 minutes. So logged out and then back in and of course I was in the line… for almost an hour. The event still hadn’t started when I got on. It did start and there was some definite lag… but on our server the event was probably finished in about 10 minutes. The next phase of the event started, but it was just for level 50’s or I should say it was in a level 50 zone. The server exploded I think at the end of that phases boss fight.

The good news is that no one will lose out on any of the loot from the event. A detailed explanation can be found on the rift forums.


So guess it wasn’t so bad. I did have a bit of fun until the lag started spiking hard. Not sure exactly what the problems were. On the less populated servers the event seems to still be going on… so guess not all servers had the same problems.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday.

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Rift Allies of the Ascended Weekend

Good Thursday to you.

Rift is having a weekend of free – starts on 10am PDT April 8, 2011 through 10am PDT April 11, 2011. Your friend will need a key and they can pick up one anywhere (or almost anywhere). A good bet to find one is on Rifts facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/RIFTgame

After you get the key you’ll want to direct your friends here.

Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to tell your friends.

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Rift – Runebreaking is back

Broken Glass
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If you have been playing Rift over the past couple of days you noticed that they had removed the ability to ‘runebreak’ items. This allowed runebreakers to do their work. Apparently there was an exploit that involved runebreaking an item and selling an item at the same time. Usually when you runebreak something the item is destroyed and you are left with the mats to create one of your recipes… I guess that is someones aim always to find the flaws in a system and then exploit it. Fortunately the exploit was fixed and today we can break stuff again … Yeahh.  Currently I’m level 30 been taking my time and enjoying myself… I think that’s what we’re supposed to do when we play a game, at least that’s what I try to do!

Have a wonderful weekend… maybe I can make it to level 40… or maybe at least 35.

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