Guild Wars 2, Path of Exile, Blade and Soul

Flying in France

Hope you are doing well. Been pretty busy lately both with work on jury duty… bah.  Also football season has started and I really enjoy watching football. Not sure where I got it from. My Dad is a huge basketball fan… he even keeps the score of some games. Since I’ve been so busy I’ve decided to let my Rift subscription lapse. Yeah I know sometimes life gets in the way of having fun.

I am still definitely looking forward to Guild Wars 2… although nobody knows when it will be coming out, although I bet it will be sometime in 2012.  I have also been checking out a few different games as well. Path of Exile looks like a pretty good time waster.. but I am having not very much luck in getting a beta key. Hopefully it will be going into Open Beta pretty soon. It seems like it has been in the closed beta for a while.

I’ve also been reading up some on Star Wars Galaxy. Again game play looks pretty fun from what I’ve seen. I’m not a huge star wars fan [gasp] but again we’ll have to see what happens.

There has been some news from Korea and the beta for Blade and Soul. I watched some very interesting game play footage and the graphics are definitely nice. You can check out this Youtube video. It takes you from level 1-4 and is about 35 minutes long.

It does look pretty heavily instanced. There are also some very long cut scenes. During one of the cut scenes I was tempted to go get a bag of popcorn. But… the scenes are nicely done and it wasn’t like I was saying… come on already and get back to the game play. I will be definitely watching this game.. but the sad thing is it will probably be a few years before it is available here in the U.S. Kind of reminds me of Aion and the wait for it.

Enjoy your weekend.